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Insurgent mistake

I just noticed that near the beginning of insurgent the word insurgent is mentioned. Tris finds it perfectly normal and clearly understand…

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Who is Edith Prior??

Ok so when i finished INSURGENT, the main question going through my head was: WHO S EDITH PRIOR????? So, my thoughts are that shes Tris' gr…

Started by TurtleZ Richardson

39 Dec 10, 2016
Reply by Four and Six

In Insurgent Tobias lies too.

I have a whole blog post about this and I'm just gonna paste it here: In Insurgent Tris lies to Tobias and everyone jumps on that, no one…

Started by Divergent 338

5 Dec 10, 2016
Reply by Four and Six

Caleb Prior; The selfless erudite.

I've been reading through some reactions to Insurgent and I've noticed that everyone seems to think that Caleb is a selfish traitor. To be…

Started by Brian Rubio

21 Sep 7, 2015
Reply by Janna Johnson

Changes in Tris in Insurgent book

Hi, I am writing a paper on Insurgent and to start my project off I need to find 3 changes in Tris over the book. I am having a really hard…

Started by Jennifer White

4 Aug 14, 2015
Reply by Divergent fan girl

Dont you think that Eric or Peter had a crush on Tris?

I totally think that they both did!!! Eric totally crushed on Tris during initiation and when Tris ended up being with Tobias he told Jeani…

Started by Kate Wibberly

43 May 31, 2015
Reply by Deanna Lockhart

what was up with lynn?

In insurgent lynn says she loved marlene but not in the way everyone else does. I asked a friend and she told me that it meant she loved ma…

Started by Lena Prior (Hannah Hawthorne)

8 May 15, 2015
Reply by Nakita

Bothered by timeline - Anyone else?

Is anyone else bothered by the vage comments on how much times is passing in the books? I feel like the initiation training is only a few d…

Started by Ahtak

2 Apr 24, 2015
Reply by Ella N

The Factionless

Do the children of the factionless (assuming nothing is done to ensure that there are none) get to choose a faction when they turn sixteen,…

Started by Elizabeth Nottellingumyname

8 Oct 21, 2014
Reply by bookworm61

Insurgent Songs Playlist

I just need to know that I`m not the only one who listens to songs the radio but is more searching the lyrics for anything that could repre…

Started by NataliePrior

19 Jun 30, 2014
Reply by Divergent 338

Is Lynn a lesbian!???

Don't get me wrong i have nothing against gay people. In insurgent when Lynn is dying she says that she loves Marlene in a different way to…

Started by ThreeRavens

18 Jun 7, 2014
Reply by Beatrice Prior


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