So I've been reading all you awesome people's opinions on how the Divergent trilogy was written and concluded. Now its gotten me wondering-- generally speaking, who do you think Authors should write for? Should they write for themselves (meaning should they follow their own internal voice & vision of the tale) or should they write for their readers (meaning should they consider whether or not something would prove popular/ unpopular with their audience)?

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Authors need to write for themselves. It's their story and they wrote it. They need to enjoy it. If authors write for their audiences the story isn't as good. The author made it and they know how to make the story better. If this is going tword why people don't like Veronica's Allegiant conclusion, I'll just say I'm on Veronica's side and she had a very good reason for concluding tht way and it would have sucked if she lisoned to all who don't like the concusion.

The authors I read don't all have perfect endings but this trilogy killed so many of the likable/lovable charactors that  she seemed to be making a statement to be different,to be noticed as different than the others. I don't think for one minute she thought of her readers when she killed Will,Uriah,Marlene,Tori or Tris. She left Tobias/Four a broken man. Perhaps she thought she was one-uping the other trilogys for young adults. Instead of Prim (HG) she killed Tris,etc...This is her first  work so I know I will not like her visions in other books. I see many reviewers thinking her story was based on pieces of other books. This is my opinion. I will see the movie Divergent next week with my friends...knowing beforhand Tris will die in book 3. People will stand by an author when they know that at least she/he is writting to entertain us, the reader. Why else write a book if not for people to love/hate? We have that choice. If I was to write a book I would want to know my target audience   but I have no talent for writing! I own 100's of books too.

I think that it really depends on the author.If the author wants to write for them than I respect that.If they want to write for their fans then I respect that too.

Of course they have to write for themselves. When you talk to someone do you tell them what you believe or what you think they want to hear you say? I'm sure the only way you can write from the heart is to be honest with yourself and trust your instincts. That said, I think that if you are a writer you need to have in mind the 'audience' you are writing for and have main characters that the readers can identify with.

I think Veronica Roth has done a fantastic job and I can't wait to see what she does in the future.

I think they should write for themselves but also for their fans. I mean if it wasn't for us fans there wouldn't be so much of success. I think that they should respect us and get us what we want too.

exactly...:D the only realistic way to end a book(or to make an impression) isn't by killing off every important character.

Divergent 338 said:

They should write for themselves and think of their readers. (mmmaaayyybbbee not murdering the main character *ahem Tris ahem* would be a good example of thinking of readers) 

Authors write for what ever reason they need/want to in their lives.  

For some it is financial determined - which publishing house will pay the most and therefore the author will probably write to a brief set by someone else.  

For some, they write from their own imagination and the money isn't the most important thing, many are very poor most of their lives.  

For some they write to help express feelings in order to balance their mental health.  Authors don't always agree with what they write but find that writing is expressive of thoughts that they and possibly others around them consider to be out of the ordinary enter their mind and so writing orders things.  

It's fair to say that the labelling society puts on people of all disciplines can restrictive but some labels such as author/ writer can be sub-divided.  

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