Warning: If you have not read/ finished the Allegiant novel and do not wish to be spoiled, this is your only warning to navigate away from this thread. Spoilers will be freely discussed in here.

Alright Initiates, the day of Allegiant has cometh! We've waited with bated breath and now we have the book in our precious hands. For those of you who have finished reading, what say you?

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I dont know wether to cry or pissed that Tris has hit the dust... I cried loads and I feel that Veronica did her character justice. Though when it did happen I thought I was going to kill ms roth..

It was painfully beautiful.....I disliked the changing of POVS because I found it annoying and confusing..they sounded too alike?... at some point, I had to see if it was Tris or Tobias.....also I HATED how Marcus was alive by the end of the book.  Other than that omg loved it and suffered but yeah...

I read the last book of the series today, and although I was very upset over the fact that Tris died, I think it spoke a lot about the real world. After Tris died, it seemed as if Veronica Roth was putting in lessons and morals about life. Maybe the entire series was made to teach us not to go to extremes and to take risks for yourself, our lives, and others. Maybe it was to teach the bond through family. I don't know, those were just my ideas. 

You know, I liked the ending. It was pretty much what I expected as soon as they announced Allegiant was from 2 POV's and who's POV's they were. The ending was the best part of the book, I thought. Powerful, tragic, realistic.

I just thought though that Allegiant overall was pretty boring leading up to Tris' death. As another person said on here, there was not enough distinction in character between the two POV's and i did need to sometimes check to see who's POV I was reading. I feel Tris and Four are distinctly different characters and that should have showed up when reading from their POV's.

Also Tris and Tobias were more chaste in this novel than any of the others. Surely their loves scenes should have intensified over time, not gone the opposite way.

I find in a lot of these dystopian trilogies that the third novels are a bit of a let down, like the author's sort of get a bit lost with what to do with their characters and just have them sort of frantically running around but not really doing much that is interesting or well developed plot wise.

Anyhoo, Allegiant is my least favourite of the 3 novels due to the boring factor. Loved the ending though.
"I feel like a kid who just found out Santa wasn't real." ^^

I didn't cry but definitely i feel so sad.. I think real life doesn't always have happy enddings ... i really feel that Allegiant doesn't close the trilogy...for me is incomplete i feel that a part of the story is missing... But it wasn't difficult know that one of them was going to die..and when you were reading it it was clear that Tris was the one, so i was i little prepared for what was coming. But i really respect Veronica's work, she is a very talented author and wrote an ending that surprised us or disappointed us or upset us, but that doesn't change my love for the series. Hopefully the movie does justice to the book. 

I am heartbroken... literally, every time the thought crosses my mind, my chest aches. I will say, however, that I agree with Roth in how this ending was the best choice for this book series... We all wanted Tris and Tobias to live together and have a happy life, but the world of Divergent is just too brutal and real for that fantasy to thrive. I've been depressed all day, and the only reason I am disappointed is because Tris is dead... Other than that, the book is just painfully beautiful from what I've read of it (I haven't read the whole thing yet; I let my curiosity stem from spoiler comments and I read ahead); boring in some parts, and the narratives/POV between Tris and Tobias was often a little too blended together, in the sense their narratives sounded the same, but regardless...

Now, I am trying to work on my own stories and writings to take my mind off of it, but it only works for a few moments before I go through another bout of grieving and brooding... This book has knocked me on my ass, emotionally, and it's the first time a book has ever rendered me so heartbroken and depressed that I literally don't know what to do with myself.

Nevertheless, the Divergent series is just awesome... One of the best in my biased opinion, it's just too bad it had to be one of THOSE books to have a heart-wrenching, sad, bittersweet ending...




First the Homestuck gigapause, and now I get this sprung on me? Is this an author conspiracy? Whaaaat!

I cant bring myself to finish the book and accept that tris is dead. 

Apart from the ending that has sent me into depression, this book really did tie up every lesson in this series. While I was too sad to sleep last night I thought about all the lessons veronica has taught me with these books. I discovered my love for reading, I will reread these books over and over once I can deal with this ache in my stomach cause there is always something new to take out of them. It's an amazing book to finish off an amazing series with the tragic, yet right, ending.

I was so upset when Tris died!!! That had to be the worst feeling ever! I wish she didnt have to kill her off...I think that made Tobais just suffer. akthough in the end with the memory serum he doesnt take it therefore he still wants to remember Tris which I thought was so romantic. They really did have a strong bond to each other. 

just finished it and I'm crying very badly like noooooooo she can't kill Tris!!!!!! :*( :*( :*(

as of the moment I HATE VERONICA ROTH
but I will get over myself

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