Warning: If you have not read/ finished the Allegiant novel and do not wish to be spoiled, this is your only warning to navigate away from this thread. Spoilers will be freely discussed in here.

Alright Initiates, the day of Allegiant has cometh! We've waited with bated breath and now we have the book in our precious hands. For those of you who have finished reading, what say you?

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Allegiant quite profoundly let me down because it had a lot of brilliance to it that established it as my favorite installment and then suddenly it nosedived into a shitpile. 

I'm gonna be the black sheep here, I felt that Tris giving her life in place of Caleb's was a horribly executed sacrafice. It was entirely selfish. She'd robbed him of his redemption by not allowing him to be the one who'd died a hero having undone what he'd helped to orchestrate just because she didn't want the guilt. Now that guilt is his. 

I need it to be understood that I am NOT protesting that Tris and Tobias didn't get a Hallmark ending. No reader can honestly claim that this was not their ideal ending: 

That was how I lashed out right after finishing the book, but do I believe this to be a plausible or appropriate outcome? NO. The world of the gentic damage holocaust was too brutal and Tris too righteous to NOT sacrafice herself as her parents did whether or not another life could have been lost instead.  

At times, it almost felt like she was willing to welcome a way out, that her's and Tobias' love for each other wasn't enough to combat her struggles with her identity and her mother's absence while constantly learning hidden truths about her so that she could feel completely comfortable in the world. 

In Insergent when Peter is "carrying out her execution", she's afraid for a split second but when what she thinks is the death serum takes effect, her response was:
"If this is death, it's not so bad."

Then when her mother comes to get her in Allegiant, her first words which were also her final words in the series were:

"Am I done?"

What I am arguing is that her death should have been done in a more honorable manner. There was honor in the act itself but not in the motive. 

It almost doesn't matter though because of how weak Tobias' end of the victory was.

Dismantling the revolution in less than a minute with an ultimatum was a rush job that felt almost exactly like the stopping point of my Fiction Writing class draft last fall which I'd been crunched to throw in the evening before my submit date. It was lacking in effort and believability. Tris' death was actually sold a lot better than this BS. 

On the positive side, the nazism of the genetic damage was a powerful and intuitive concept that was developed well. 

The twist that Tobias wasn't actually divergent was a good expansion of the capacity of his and Tris' relationship and along with the journal entry of Natalie Prior describing her's and Andrew Prior's choice of Abnigation displayed the flaw in the notion of genetic damage. 

Tobias and Andrew were symbols of how genetics don't define you. I got such a strong sense of that from the journal entry, of how even though it's not actually specified that he knew, Andrew accepted the truth of Natalie and the expierement as an inspiration, a passion. Caleb having made the exact opposite choice of his father displayed how our choices are not based on genetics. 

The believers that the "genetically damaged" are the enemy are an example of this as well because they had information withheld from them that wouldn't have given them that outlook. 

The thing with Tobias and that Jaunita chick was a bit annoying but I'm glad that he didn't let her tear him away from Tris and that Tris and Tobias got to make love before she died.

I actually really liked that he spread her ashes via the zip line. She totally would have loved that.

3.5/5 stars

I feel very little motivation to see the film or films if it's still a two parter. One can already tell from the trailers how horribly unfaithful it is to the book.

Dismantling the revolution with a single ultimatium that was a less than a minute decision was a rush job that felt almost exactly like the stopping point of my Fiction Writing class draft last fall which I'd been crunched to throw in the evening before my submit date. It was lacking in effort and believablility. 

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