UPDATE: Its been a journey going from mini-ebooks into a full fledged novel but here we have it Initiates-- Tobias' backstories to be PRINTED and sold into a new novel called FOUR: A Divergent Collection. Check out the spiffy cover!

The original 4 mini-ebooks concept are still very much on track though. The first has already been released (Four: The Transfer). Check out the cover for all the ebooks below.

Both the novel and the ebooks will be released on July 8th, 2014 so go ahead and save up and/or pre-order your copy Initiates! 

Veronica took to her Tumblr explaining more about the new novel. Click the link to read it in its entirety. Other than the original 4 mini-stories concept it looks like we are getting 3 more stories. Check out the quote from Veronica below: 

Then, there are a few things you might not expect. Three “deleted” scenes from THE TRAITOR—scenes that I wrote while drafting the stories but had to cut for length (or because they no longer worked for the timeline). The titles are memorable lines that all happen to end with the same word. They are also all “first moments”. You know, like…

“First jumper—Tris!” – The first time he ever lays eyes on her.

“Careful, Tris.” – And the first time Tris challenges him. (But certainly not the last!)

“You look good, Tris.” – And the first time he lets his guard down.

Thats a total of 7 Tobias stories Initiates! More for Four can only be a good thing innit? :D 

And lets not forget the first ever mini novel that started this all-- Free Four retells the story from select scenes of Divergent but in Tobias' point of view. Totally gives a new spin on those scenes we thought we knew so well! Dont have this? Then grab one today!

So what can you say Initiates? Has anybody read Free Four already? What say you on MORE stories about our practically fearless Instructor? Sound off below!


Original post content below:

Recently Veronica revealed that she has written four additional e-short stories set to be released over the next several months, covering Four's backstory and other events that overlap with the time frame on Divergent. (as per her Tumblr post here)

(archived image of original mini ebook release dates here )

Publisher's Weekly has just posted an interview with Veronica as she spoke a bit more about the e-shorts and the future plans of releasing these in printed format. Except from that interview below:

And Four – a fan favorite – makes that farewell easier. “In my mind, he has a distinct history and a complex psychology, so there’s always a lot to draw from when he’s on the page, and it’s an opportunity for me to break from Tris’s sparse, straightforward voice and try to introduce just a little bit more poetic language,” Roth said. “I also know, from many tweets and blog comments and in-person comments, that Divergent readers are interested in hearing more of his voice, which made him an obvious candidate! My readers have given me so much enthusiasm and honesty and wisdom. The opportunity to write something that I knew they wanted to read was really appealing to me.”

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It was really fun to read about the faction before Tris, what was going on and such from his point of view. It gave me a better idea of the dauntless

dont knock it until you try it. it might be better when your not distracted by people around you, and like a thousand different books 

barbara corker said:

I was in Barnes and Noble today to pick up a book and saw "Four" located in front with new books....I took a few minuted to read different sections and the end and I'm glad I didn't waste my money. I love Four/Tobias but this just reminds me of another way to get our money without anyone dying at this point........Reminded me of people wanting "Midnight Sun" to come out, same premise.. JMO, so thats all I'm saying about this book.

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