The Insurgent movie is out Initiates!! Have you seen it? Love it? Loath it? Lotsa questions about it? Say your piece below!

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Liked it but disappointing. They chose to focus on Tris and the simulations so they could focus on special affects. They chose to leave out the part of the book that explains why it's even called Insergent! Four suddenly takes a back seat even though it was as much about his relationship about his parents as much as it was about Tris and her friends which they also left out. Could have done so much more the only positive I take from this is given how much they ignored the book is that they will rewrite Allegiant!!!

Really disappointed. Expected changes, as is normal, but in fact almost everything changed.
They focused too much on Tris and relegated the rest of the cast as characters filler missed indespensables characters like Zeke, Lynn, Shauna ... and the same Marcus who just appeared.
The good news ... We'll always have the books !!!

I really disliked the movie too! It made me so angry with all the changes they made. It may be a good movie but I wasn't able to enjoy it because of my love of the books.

The ultimate reason I hated the movie: It took characters and a story line that I have absolutely fallen in love with and did them absolutely no justice at all. 

Here's to hoping that Allegiant is better! And of course the books will always be there. :)

It was good as a film but it really strayed from the book what with the box only divergent can open. Also, they didn't really introduce the characters such as Uriah and Lynn and marlene (who just dies) and if you have not read the book you don't really know who they are, just these random people who pop up being tris's pals or not at all. On top of that they change it so the bit at the end with Marcus and finding the truth is gone, which explains why it's called insurgent!

Liked it but they changed the entire plot

I loved the movie! I was very disappointed that they left out everything about Edith Prior though.

I know right. I think the film is really good but overall the editors have clearly tried to make the plot almost happier by erasing all the ups and downs of the relationship between Tris and Four, and getting rid of the part where they storm Erudite and the Candor are in simulation. So they decide they want Tris to have to open the box, so they end up seeing it before everyone else and then they have to change the rest of it. To make that work they plant the hiding of the box on her mum. What?????? and why did they bother messing around with the part under the truth serum to make it harder for her just to say 'Will'

The one positive thing with all the changes I can think about is that Allegiant might be the way we want it to. Maybe we will get our happy ending. 

I really liked the movie I guess I never really expected the movie to follow the book exactly the first one didn't really , I think the producers did a really good job adapting it. I was disappointed in one thing I think Tris and Four did their "addition or multiplication" ;) a little too soon, but I have seen it three times so it must be good.

Maybe not have you finished Allegiant yet?
Skalman said:

The one positive thing with all the changes I can think about is that Allegiant might be the way we want it to. Maybe we will get our happy ending. 

I have finished Allegiant Ashley, and like a lots of other people I just can't enjoy the ending. Do you really think it is a happy ending in Allegiant Ashley? Please email me if you want to discuss more :)

No, the ending made me cry, and books never make me cry well actually I was crying way before the end after what happened to Uriah :( That was my point the end is lets say not how fiction books are supposed to end. I still love the books.

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