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good movie I for those who haven't read the book. but for those who read the book it absolutely killed us. and after all of those little things they changed i have to say the ending was the worse. like no. tori has to kill Jeanine not Evelyn. this ruined the whole point of tori wanting revenge for George. and no everybody doesnt just happily leave the city. Evelyn tries to have a factionless society and peter destroys the bowls from the choosing ceremony and four fights him for it bc that was his escape from marcus' abuse.

as i said. the movie itself is great but they changed too much.

What frustrated me about the movie was that it left out most of the serious issues discussed in the book and replaced it with an irritating 'this should appeal to teen girls storyline' about Tris worrying about being different. By serious issues I mean: Tris' PTSD and being unable to hold a gun and most of the stuff about Will; a lot of the difficulties in Tris and Tobias' relationship; the factionless being a metaphor for the homeless (I'm sorry but weapons? Plenty of food? Electricity? And Evelyn was not only healthy she practically glowed and had perfect makeup); much of the stuff with Caleb's betrayal; and the dramatic ending. All of these things made Insurgent and interesting and thought-provoking book and instead we had 'hooray everyone is happy and we can be free from the city all thanks to you Tris, yay everyone loves you'.

Oh and why the hell did Candor have some army guys? That doesn't even make any sense.

The movie was a really good movie........................IF you didn't read the book. For someone who just watches the movies and skips the books, the movie was probably a very good movie for them. But, for someone who absolutely loved the books (like me), the movie was probably a major disappointment (it was for me)!!!!!!!!

Good movie, but the plot strayed WAAAAAAAAAAY to far from that of the book.

I give it maybe, 5 stars if you didn't read the book, 2 if you did.

I didn't like the movie at all, i hoped they will try to save the main plot, but... To my opinion book and the film are two totally different works, which have nothing similar. I was waiting for it for a long time, but when i started to watch it i was so disappointed that started to write my essay on promo codes uk, like, is it so hard to use the original script?

I just streamed the Insurgent Film a couple of days ago, it was my first viewing as I'd just finished the book back in August and must say I was pretty disappointed with the translation.

The storyline and characterization were diluted to the point of being stripped of most of their significance and strength such as the omission of the conflicts between Tris and Christina, Tris and Four and Tris' own inner conflict with her PTSD after killing Will that left the story largely flat.
Then there was quite a bit of straight up AU angles. The perspective portrayed in Jeanine's role, that she'd lived to react to the Edith Prior message almost entirely altered her character. There was something intriguing about the expression on her face that suggested a possible revelation, that was a pretty strong moment, but it was wrong.

If it had any value I'd sit here and list all the ways in which the film was disloyal to the book but all fans should already be aware of them.

The casting of Octavia Spencer as Johanna was surprising but satisfactory, however, the scarring on her face was misplaced and far too subtle. In the book Tris describes her as being scarred diagonally across the length of her face and that it's one of those disfigurations that's difficult NOT to stare at yet it took me until the scene where Eric showed up at Amity requesting they hand over the divergents to even notice that Spencer was given scarring at all, let alone in the wrong area.

What bothered me most about the Edith Prior message was how vauge and light hearted it was, including omitting the disclosure of either of her names (recall Edith Prior was an assumed name) and her established position as among their society rather than just as it's creator. The most irritating thing was the 'happily ever after' suggestion it made that brought on a likewise very anticlimactic reaction which seems to disregard Allegiant.

I didn't appreciate the dinner scene at the factionless community being portrayed as fancy when they are supposed to be parallel to a homeless community in real life, described as passing around a single can of food around a garbage can campfire and there was little sense of the unity and organization which made them feel like their own faction.

The truth serum trial was horrible, I didn't buy that performance at all from the Tris actress. The visible resistance she put up against it was not only inaccurate but unattractive to watch but not in a compelling manner and over the top. She looked constipated.

Then there was the fact that the title of the installment, Insurgent was absent without the role of Marcus and Tris' involvement with him in relation to the Edith Prior video.

I also have to say that I hated Tris' haircut, it's much shorter than she cut it in the book and in the scene between her and Caleb in the Erudite cell it looked like freaking Anime hair the way it was all standing up, bleh.

I feel like I need to say a few positive things here to be fair; I did like the emotion in some scenes, the full set of faction specific simulations used as the key to accessing the Edith Prior message as opposed to an obstacle course leading to Jeanine's office was an interesting alteration and the dream sequences were well incorporated to appear as actual interactions, both had me until that exaggerated line came.
The Tris and Four scenes despite the lack of conflict that was supposed to be occurring between them and her faked death were probably the most well done and strongest interactions in the film. Again the fake death was AUed but it was compelling.
I also found the Amity and Candor compounds were well designed as described in the books to effectively portray their values.

I'm refraining from watching any Allegiant trailers or sneak peeks for now, until I finish the book, but hopefully it does a better job considering all the important information and portrayals in it. The fact that the second part has been given an entirely different title is, however, not encouraging. :/

I've suddenly gotten the feeling that the films from Insurgent on are largely being aimed towards catering to those who DON'T read the books, but I seriously doubt they are being deceived. One who is perceptive enough doesn't have to read the books to get a sense of how much of it was butchered. Not having read the book didn't keep my best friend from noticing it in The Time Traveler's Wife film.

Thank God for the books ( altho i hated Allegiant )....most movies deviate from them but they took it to the limit here and made another movie altogether...maybe they will have a reason to let Tris live in the last one but I miss all the characters from the book not even mentioned. Of all the young adult movies made from books before this, they really bombed, big time......not going to make much money here.

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