I am posting a link of a change.org petition that someone created in attempt to have Tris live in the last movie:


Please sign if you are unhappy with the tragic ending. And by the way I see nothing really brave and bad-ass in the author decision  to kill Tris-it is actually the easiest way out. Coming with somewhat realistic but good ending of the book is much more difficult than simply killing off the main character and making it heroic martyr.

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Whether or not it's in the realm of possibility that Tris could be spared in the 'Ascendent' film with or without fan persuasion is a bit of a gray area.

Roth is content in her decision to kill her off. It wasn't a whim or a device but a carefully thought through decision that she felt was right. She's considered multiple alternatives but didn't feel any of them did Tris's story justice. 

This is the official statement that she made in an MTV interview:

""In the third book, she learns what it actually means to sacrifice herself," Roth continued. "It has to be necessary. It has to be about love. She says all those things. And to me, it felt like it was her finally understanding what her parents were trying to teach her in Abnegation and finally understanding what it means to be an adult and make a grown-up decision because you have to, not because you particularly want to. So, to me, I was proud of her. I was so proud. It was like she finally became a grown-up.""

Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/1716300/allegiant-veronica-roth-divergent-c...

She specifically defined all alternatives as "wander off into the sunset" endings, however, I  feel that's very narrow minded. I don't believe an ending with Tris alive needed to be all rainbows and sunshine to be successful. Something hopeful or maybe even despairing could have been just as strong and plenty sensible since an entirely new society isn't going to come together overnight.

This isn't necessarily what I would have preferred but I believe it to a fair possibility that apparently Roth didn't consider.

Overall, I am on the fence really.  

On the one hand, Caleb's life was NOT worth more than Tris's, on the other, it's arguably just that which substantiated the sacrifice.
Either case, however, is canceled out by the essential fact that she robbed him of his redemption. Of the chance to be remembered well rather than as a traitor and a coward. I feel it would have been unique to have a secondary character end up the big hero.   

Instead, Caleb has to live with his guilt, with Tobias, Christina, and many others constantly reminding him that it was supposed to be him. 

Let's not forget that Tris didn't have will left in her to survive in a broken world or that's what I'd gotten so I'm having trouble seeing courage in her sacrifice as opposed to cowardice. 

Ergo it was a strange combination of strength of character, cowardice, and selfish cruelty. Though I might have accepted Tris dying at the end had it been done differently, with more honor and not involving Caleb. 

The film portrayal of the first half of 'Allegiant' and how it was left might have offered an opening for Tris to meet a different fate according to at least one article.

"But with the release of Allegiant, it appears there may hope for our heroin to have a different fate. You see, the movie Allegiant veered drastically from the book in its second half. Key events were cut out, others were written in, and the ending was totally different from the novel. This being the case, Ascendant may travel down the path of a different narrative— one that could potentially be life-saving for Tris. Based on how Allegiant ended, here are a few theories for the ending of Ascendant."

Source: https://www.bustle.com/articles/149481-will-tris-die-in-ascendant-t...

It goes on to list theories of possible alternate endings. I myself am not reading them right now, however as I've not seen the 'Allegiant' film. I'd been entirely unmotivated when I'd finished reading the book and hadn't been impressed by the trailer. I'm feeling a desire to now, though. 

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