Warning: If you have not read/ finished the Allegiant novel and do not wish to be spoiled, this is your only warning to navigate away from this thread. Spoilers will be freely discussed in here.

The ending of Allegiant brought some strong reactions to the Divergent fandom. But we must all remember that this is Veronica's vision for her tale and we should rightfully respect her for that.

But say if the novel ended like one of those choose-your-own-adventure type tales, where the ending varies on what the reader selects-- which of the Prior Siblings would you have chosen to make the ultimate sacrifice: Tris or Caleb? And why do you think so?

edit: in the absence of a poll, we will try our best to keep a running tally of votes: 

Tris= 31

Caleb= 82

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I think Caleb should die because Tris is after going through so much to just die like that.

Caleb! YOU CAN'T KILL OFF THE MAIN CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course, I respect veronica roth... but still. I'm depressed.

I think Caleb like most divergent fans. im thinking of Tobias here! you read how his life was after he found out! plus im being a little selfish here (guess who's not in Abnegation) because I like Tris more than Caleb. that's just how it is.

OBVIOUSLY CALEB! In veronicas blog she said that she wanted tris to have a powerful ending... she can have a powerful ending with Tobias living happily

Naturally is should have been Caleb...now it's a trilogy that stops,hurts, taints the ending that could have had readers re-reading for years for pleasure the story that could have been here to stay in our hearts. Who will buy merchandise that shows more murders of innocents and makes being a bad guy stay alive and well,no mater how evil they were.Somehow I am getting a political view from this author. I am glad I didn't read Allegiant and only because I started to read the spoilers before I got the book. Now I don't have that book imprinted in my brain! I see the damage it has done to some people and how hurt they are. 2 POV's had to have beenn a clue....I'm glad/sad Tobias lived but without Tris he will be lost for a long time.

Omg definitely Caleb. Caleb because even though he is tris's brother he still was a traitor and didn't really care what happened to tris. Also it should of been him because tris and tobias should of lived happily ever after together. I'm just so sad to see her die :(

It should have been Caleb. He was a back stabbing jerk. Total erudite! If anyone should die it should it should either be Caleb or Peter. I hate Peter! Tris should have had a happy ending with Tobias if anything. I'm still so sad about Tris dying. :( 

i was upset when Tris died but i expected it. i mean, be honest. Everyone knew Tris was not going to allow her brother t die. The only way to save Tris would have been to completely alter her character. To stick with Tris being brave and selfless it hadto be her. i'll cry everytime i reread the book but i wouldnt change it.

Kill me now, but I would have to lay my money on Tris. I think Tris's death tied the whole point Veronica Roth was trying to get to the reader. Main character or not, the characters are people in a dystopian novel and are treated as real humans (meaning that they will die, the chance of someone saving their life is slim). And to be honest I saw this coming, and I hope others did too. At the end of Divergent she was playing with self-sacrifice, and in Insurgent we saw how often she tried to sacrifice herself. And in Allegiant she found out what self sacrifice meant and she did it, with love and necessity. The bravest way to go, in my opinion.

Honestly, Tris.

Tris would not have allowed her brother to die. As any other Abnegation would have, she chose to risk her life for him.

After reading Veronica's reasons for choosing Tris as the one to die, I was even more convinced that she chose the right person to kill.

Not that I'm entirely happy with it though.


Caleb never changed. He was stagnant. I believe a lot more would have been learned, not only by the characters, but by the audience if he was to discover what it means to truly love someone and act selflessly out of that. Plus I feel like it just strengthened the 'pure genes/damaged genes' argument because Tris could understand the true meaning of sacrifice when Caleb didn't.

updated the tally ;)

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