I've seen people compare the Hunger games with Divergent and for some reason that bothers me. The Hunger Games got Districts and Divergent has factions. Both of them has fierce Protanganist. In some ways they are similar, but they're still different. If I had to chose Divergent or The Hunger Games I'll choose Divergent all the way! Wouldn't you?

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I don't like the comparison of these books/movies because not only are they completely different but, in my opinion, Divergent is way better than the Hunger Games. Specifically for me, Alliegiant vs. MockingJay, is what made me like Divergent so much more. Throughout MockingJay it feels as if its trying to rush to an ending. When Prim dies Katniss basically loses it and goes on a bloodthirsty rampage for Snow's head. After it is all said and done the epilogue doesn't do the book justice as it just seems that Katniss lives a very distant and miserable life. Yes she marries Peeta but she also explained that she had kids that she clearly stated she didnt want. In Alliegiant you see it become focused on, at least in the beginning, how honesty and trust are needed to make things work in life. You see Tris and Tobias' adventure through the struggles of life and how they continually try and work things out together. In the end when *SPOILER ALERT* Tris dies it does her justice unlike THG did for Katniss. And not only that the book closed strongly with how Tobias was with his friends saying that there may be wounds and battlescars in life but that we, as people, were meant to heal eachother.

I like them both very much, I am obsessed with both, so, I say, both.

I think Divergent because Hunger Games Mockingjay book ending sucked but Allegiants book ending was amazing sensual and I loved it.

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