I for one like movies that are as close to the book as possible.  I am really interested in the trains.  When I read about needing to get down as to not get knocked over by the wind, so are the trains open?  Thoughts? and pictures?

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I always picture them kind of like boxcars i guess...the idea of jumping out of one over a building scares me to death! I also assumed they were open all the time but maybe i'm just clueless? haha
I picture open cars and people using the bars that are on the outside to grab onto and propel themselves into the open cars.  But that's just my imagination.  :)

i ahve had the same thoughts as you. i image them as being brown with no seats and wooden floors with doors on either sides and rails beside them...

I believed the train was like a box car but made of a silvery steel and there were benches or seats on the walls with doors open on each side. There would be bars on the outside for people to propel themselves into the train.

the trains is what i will be looking forward when the movie of Divergent is finished. I could already imagine the Dauntless jumps into the cars. I imagine the inside of the train to have no chairs like people usually see in the underground trains. It is probably empty inside and rusty. Also as the book stated that this dystopian world is our future, the train ought to be made of steel although i sort of imagine them to be pretty old and decayed in some of the areas. Of course there need to be a bar on the outside so that the Dauntless can jump in along with both sides of the car has no doors to sealed. In my own imagination, the cars used to be used for passengers but here there will be no seats, rusted side bars, broken glass, open or missing door at both sides. Ok i think i'm putting too much thought to this lately, probably because i just finish reading the first book!. LOL

I imagined the cars as the cars of a freight train, just box cars with their doors always slid open and empty

Well the book was based in Chicago, and there is actually the Hancock building and the Sears tower and the big bean and elevated trains in Chicago. So I imagined the trains like the real ones cuz that's what they were based on. If you look under 'the story" and click 'Divergent Locations' (at the top of the page underneath Divergent Fans), there are pictures.

Chicago has trains everywhere, Metra, Amtrak, Elevated lines, and a huge train yard and cool train stations :)

I imagined the trains like this..........and like this.........

I was always a little confused by the trains. I'm assuming they run in a loop, that they're automatic and that they're monorails but I wanted to know what was powering them. Given how energy is rationed, surely no one would think it necessary to keep them running? Only the dauntless use them, and not all the time, so surely the rest of the factions would refuse to let them waste so much energy on this.

I picture some trailer without doors, uncomfortable and a little frightening. I've read once in some custom essay, live the best of their life people jump on the train to find they purpose, like they will know that they've found it when they'll see the stop where they like to go out. It was really strange essay but it makes me think about this point of view.

I always imagined the trains like boxcars, but futuristic, and with handles on the outside.

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