I know it has been a huge subject to all fans of either Divergent or Hunger Games (or both) that one book has copied the other.  I believe it is possible that this has occurred, but may not be the case at all, just two authors both with good taste.  But what I am wondering is which book you feel as fans is the better, more fascinating book.

I personally was a die hearted Hunger Games fan until I read Divergent & Insurgent.  I still do truly love the Hunger Games series, but the Divergent trilogy is just so much more thrilling, daring, suspenseful, and detailed.  Also the love story is so heartfelt and you never know which way Tris and Tobias will go. One minute they are kissing and saying the most romantic things back and forth and the next they are yelling and threatening each other with their relationship.

So the question is...what do you believe is the better book...Divergent...or the Hunger Games...???

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When I read the Hunger Games trilogy last summer I was SO fascinated and I was such a big fan, Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay were by far my favourite books, I loved the first movie etc. but since I've read Divergent and Insurgent I really have discovered that I love the two books even more than the Hunger Games trilogy and I can't wait for Allegiant to come out... So even though I still love Suzanne Collins' trilogy, I'm so obsessed with Divergent and Insurgent, I just love the characters and the relationship between Tris and Four,.. I could go on like this forever :D So... Divergent!

I love both trilogies!! Fans fighting over which is better are wasting their time! I think what we should all do is appreciate, theyre both great authors! 100 thumbs up for them both and I super love THG and Divergent!! (:

DIVERGENT ALL THE WAY! The Hunger Games is good but not nearly as good as Divergent
I totally agree it is just that the Hunger Games is good but Divergent is just so much better!!! <4

Divergent!! I love Four! <4 <3 :)

Omg four for life!!!!!!! <4

I don't think their was any copying of the books, but I do think that both the Hunger Games and Divergents have aspects from The Giver (which was written years before both books). Then again you always have to think that if it's about a dystopian society, there will eventually be some sort of uprising or revolution, but how the author portrays them is what really matters. Like in the Hunger Games, Katniss knows exactly who the enemy is, where as in Divergent we don't even know Jeanine until later and then Tris actually fights to save her rather than kill her. Honestly the only thing I find remotely similar in both books is the arenas (the fighting ring in initiation) and Katniss and Tris suffering from depression after killing someone. I am a die hard Hunger Games fan, but Divergent is also slowly consuming my life. I don't think I'd be able to choose between the two.

I totally agree! The books aren't really coping one another at all. But I like how u said divergent is slowly consuming your life because that's how I felt as soon as I read page 1! <4


I am in LOVE with both Divergent and The Hunger Games. It is a very, very hard decision, but if I had to choose, I would choose THG. I can't think of any straight up statements to support my opinion, but I just like THG a tad bit more than Divergent. Also, I am sort of getting annoyed with people trying to compare Divergent with THG. These are both incredibly unique and fantastic books/stories and will never be like each other. 

I definitely agree that people need to stop comparing THG and D. But I just wanted to see others opinions on the subject. <4

well, they are both Dystopian tales, so they cant have really copied off from each other if the themes are the same-- novels are classified as "Dystopian" for a reason. if ever there is a fandom that bears closer similarities its Divergent and Harry Potter--ie The Choosing Ceremony versus the The Sorting Hat, how people with similar behavior and thinking patterns go through life as a collective. in THG, the characters are born into Districts with specific functions on how to support The Capitol, but if you notice, thats pretty much the only thing they have in common. their reactions to challenges vary from person to person.

i cant really say which is better-- they are both unputdownable books so thats a good thing innit?

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