I know it has been a huge subject to all fans of either Divergent or Hunger Games (or both) that one book has copied the other.  I believe it is possible that this has occurred, but may not be the case at all, just two authors both with good taste.  But what I am wondering is which book you feel as fans is the better, more fascinating book.

I personally was a die hearted Hunger Games fan until I read Divergent & Insurgent.  I still do truly love the Hunger Games series, but the Divergent trilogy is just so much more thrilling, daring, suspenseful, and detailed.  Also the love story is so heartfelt and you never know which way Tris and Tobias will go. One minute they are kissing and saying the most romantic things back and forth and the next they are yelling and threatening each other with their relationship.

So the question is...what do you believe is the better book...Divergent...or the Hunger Games...???

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I find it very hard to say which is my favourite, but I think it has to be The Hunger Games. I read them when they first came out and loved them!!! I loved the film and have lots of t-shirts and posters and keyrings and stuff. I love the Divergent trilogy and cannot wait for Allegiant. I only prefer the Hunger Games by this much - . But seriously, they need to stop compaing HG and D, because they ARE NOT THE SAME!!!! Yes they're both dystopian novels with a strong female lead, but that is where the comparisons END! Does Tris have to fight to the death in an annual games? No. Does Katniss have to choose which Faction (well, it would be District) she wants to live in when she's 16? No! They are not the same!!!! Sorry if I went on a rant but I feel quite strongly about this. Is tris the next katniss? No, no she isn't because she isn't in the HG!!! Is shailene woodley the next j law? No. urrrggghhhh! But yeh, Hunger Games is my favourite.

Four and divergent :0 but do like hunger games

I love both! No complaning about just who you love Peeta,Gale,Fourand others are cute then in your dreams!!!!!!

I think I'd better start with a story: When I went to my cousin's house, she told me to read Divergent. Why? She said she liked it even more than THG. I was like, "Yeah right. That's impossible," but I agreed to read it. While we were at the airport waiting for our flight home, I convinced my mom to buy me the first book. I finished it during the flight, and I was addicted. I think I almost died during my wait between Divergent and Insurgent. I told my cousin that she was right and Divergent was tied with HP for the best. So, yes, I do think Divergent is better. Veronica Roth is merciless, but she does not kill or injure characters without reason like Suzanne Collins does. The factions are more powerful than districts. The factions provide many interesting and deep questions that the districts do not. However, and please hear me out, I totally fangirl over THG! 

You shouldn't be on divergent fans.com if you like the hunger games better

I like Hunger Games more. Because it seemed to me that the plot is better thought through and the language of Collins i liked more, it seems to me more like real literature, i guess. It is the same if compare writing assignments bullying grade 7 and the grade 10. Just different level.

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Fangirl over DIVERGENT here!




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