Whenever somebody asks the question "Which faction would you choose?", most people say Dauntless, because, let's face it, who wouldn't want to be in Tris and Tobias' faction where you jump on/off trains, play capture the flag at night and zip-line off buildings?

The thing is, would you actually choose Dauntless? And if you did, would you survive initiation? Personally, I would love to be in Dauntless, but I know that I wouldn't choose it because I wouldn't survive! So I would choose Amity, because that's where I know I would fit in. 

Please don't be offended if you rockclimb or play paintball or skydive or are brave in an everyday aspect - and I don't mean jumping in front of a train to save your friend, although that is brave - because you're obviously Dauntless. But I was just curious as to who actually would be Dauntless and who just wishes they could be.

Leave your comments down below. I'm really interested in what people will say.

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I would love to be Dauntless, but my quiz results say that I am Divergent. I qualify for Erudite AND Candor. I personally would choose Erudite. I know I would not qualify for Dauntless, Abnegation or Amity.

God no, I don't have that kind of bravery! Erudite is right for me. I'm wouldn't be able to handle the selflessness of Abnegation, too selfish for Candor....maybe Amity. Soooooo Erudite or Amity.
Yes. I would choose dauntless because is rather die young than old and I would love fighting every day. So either I make it, I end up faction less or die. It beats the other factions. Plus I would love to mix with an energetic group, become a part of them and just have an adrenalin rush. Everyone else in life is too scared to yell at the top of their lugs or have some fun.
So yes
I would choose dauntless

Adapt or die
I was divergent in dauntless and candor. Personally I would choose dauntless. Tattoos, weapons, fighting, and goofing off is what I do best. Their Ora and energy is refreshing. Too bad it's just fictional (for now).

I agree, I wouldn't be able to survive. I am so not dauntless.

My test results say I'm Divergent between Dauntless and Amity (Which I didn't realise was actually possible). I'd pick Dauntless because I am strong enough to survive both physically and mentally and I feel like I'd belong there. who doesn't want to go ziplining from 100 floors up? It sounds pretty cool to me.

Yeah,  I totally understand what you mean.

But I really do think I'd be a good fit for Dauntless.

In 2004 I won second place in the world championships for Tae-Kwon-Do under my age group. My record is third in our town's laser-gun and paintball arena. I've had experience with throwing-knives (not a serial killer). And in 2009 I was on RTÉ's Maze-running quiz-show. Our team won.

I'm also working on conquering my fears. My two  biggest fears (walking bare-foot through grass at night and spiders) Have already been conquered.

I'm also incredibly competitive, and a very determined person. And on top of it all, I am brave. I'm not some adrenalin-junkie, I do stand up for what I believe in. And the Dauntless line ''Shout for those without a voice'' is something that hits home with me, as a philosophy that I truly do believe in, and unconsciously live by.

But you're right, some people only choose Dauntless to be in the same faction as the protagonists...

Sorry for rambling. And if you need proof with any of those achievements just ask!!

Thanks ^^

In dauntless even if you do live you become factionless because your too old I be Dauntless

Maybe I could. I am really brave............................ when I make up my mind. I am stubborn, so I don't change my mind when I make decisions. Honestly, though, I wouldn't do zip lining.

Thanks for all of your replies - your answers really interested me. Some of you definitely seem to be Dauntless, others are like me and just wish they could be :)

Thanks again for your replies :)

Most people say I'm not Dauntless when I say I am. I'm not the kind of girl that risks her life every day, beause that would just be stupid. But I am a girl who fights for what is right and stands op for other people.

'We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another"

I have the feeling that everybody thinks that Dauntless is only risking your life and doing dangerous things. It's also about being brave, about the 'ordinary ats of bravery'. I agree with you about the fact that everybody says they're Dauntless, when they actually just want to be.

I have a friend who claims to be Dauntless, but I am pretty sure she's a Candor because she says everything that's on her mind. She says she lies too much to be a Candor, but I think she is too afraid to be a Dauntless. 

I have to admit, if you see me, you wouldn't place me in Dauntless. But I am, beause I will punch you in the face if I need to and I will risk my life if that's necessary and I will fight for what is right. 

So for all the people who say I'm not Dauntless: read. the. books.

I'd like to think that I could survive Dauntless Initiation If there weren't initiates like Peter then Yeah I could survive, but If my mind to feel safer then to take a risk and be where I would ultimately thrive won out, I'd choose Erudite I'd be happy there and could live there learning about whatever I want and...maybe I could sneak some of the Fear serum and give it a try. I really wanna know how many fears I have haha. 

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