Whenever somebody asks the question "Which faction would you choose?", most people say Dauntless, because, let's face it, who wouldn't want to be in Tris and Tobias' faction where you jump on/off trains, play capture the flag at night and zip-line off buildings?

The thing is, would you actually choose Dauntless? And if you did, would you survive initiation? Personally, I would love to be in Dauntless, but I know that I wouldn't choose it because I wouldn't survive! So I would choose Amity, because that's where I know I would fit in. 

Please don't be offended if you rockclimb or play paintball or skydive or are brave in an everyday aspect - and I don't mean jumping in front of a train to save your friend, although that is brave - because you're obviously Dauntless. But I was just curious as to who actually would be Dauntless and who just wishes they could be.

Leave your comments down below. I'm really interested in what people will say.

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I wish I could be, but I'm scared of a lot of things. Most are of things I can get over (I hope) but I just don't know.

I understand this is a really good point that while almost everybody wishes to be dauntless but only a smaller number actually survive and complete initiation. Though I actually am in a rock climbing club and hunt but those were my interests before Divergent was my obbsession so what ever

I wish I could, but I would most likely break my leg trying to jump off a train. So I think the place I fit in most is probably...I'm not really sure. I can be selfish (I admit it) so I couldn't be Abnegation. I am not the smartest person ever, so I couldn't be a Erudite. Maybe a Candor? I am not that honest all the time. 

Maybe I should stay in Amity. 

It's so true. People always say Dauntless and then say, "I'd love o get a nose piercing and a tattoo, and wear black clothes all the time, and jump trains and stuff..." But they never think about it. If the story was real life, think about it! People would die every day just from trying to complete Dautless initation.  

I'm straddling the fence between thinking I'm a Candor or a Dauntless but I think I might have a chance of completing initiation. I'm scared of plenty of things, who isn't, but I also have a high willpower, I think it's just because I'm stubborn. Dauntless do have a nasty habit of being prideful and I'm not gonna lie, I don't like to have my pride hurt. I'll keep running, jumping, whatever until I'm the last one or dead on my feet just because I hate giving up. I'm also the type that if no one else will do something, I will.

Then again I'm also super tiny and despite being very athletic, I'm not very strong. I also have a lot of anxiety problems. So maybe I wouldn't fare so well haha. 

(A thing to remember about jumping off of trains in Divergent is that the L in Chicago is really slow, hopefully now jumping off of it doesn't seem so crazy.)

hmm... not candor (I lie too much), DEFINETLY not abnegation (im WAYYYYY to selfish), maybe amity, maybe erudite, and maybe dauntless. im a mix of the three. IM DIVEGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

It really takes guts for those kinds of things, maybe a bit of an insane mind. Lots of us couldn't (or wouldn't) do things like that. I'd be hesitant to jump off a train, go skydiving, or generally do most things that take guts. 

There, I admit it, I'm a wussy.


I assume I am dauntless personally but this was confirmed before I even read the books!

A group of divergent fans in my school were saying everyone's names and their fraction and they classed my as dauntless.

I strongly believe I am but I have arachnophobia ):

I am a Dauntless person, but Iwouldn't choose that faction. I don't easily make friends and I'm a little odd, so I would be targeted in that faction. Even though I'd excel, the addition of other Dauntless initiates would make me fail. Instead, I would simply choose another faction.

I will Totally be Dauntless

Great Question!

I think maybe when I was 16 I might of. I was certainly more fearless then - and I have always been very righteous, "stand up for what's right"... very proud (to a fault, I assure you haha). I guess, the way that dauntless was "supposed to be" would have been the dauntless I'd have chosen - but the way it was pitched in the "modern times" of the book was rather corrupt. So for that reason I'm not sure. 

My other most likely factions would have been Amity, or Abnegation. It's obviously good to note that all of us are saying two or more factions! Here in real life, we can't be just one! The "what if?" is very interesting though!

The big points we go home with are that even if we have a favourite, they are all important :).

I truly think dauntless is the place for me I know I would thrive and survive in dauntless I am strong enough both mentally and physically to be a member of dauntless!

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