Whenever somebody asks the question "Which faction would you choose?", most people say Dauntless, because, let's face it, who wouldn't want to be in Tris and Tobias' faction where you jump on/off trains, play capture the flag at night and zip-line off buildings?

The thing is, would you actually choose Dauntless? And if you did, would you survive initiation? Personally, I would love to be in Dauntless, but I know that I wouldn't choose it because I wouldn't survive! So I would choose Amity, because that's where I know I would fit in. 

Please don't be offended if you rockclimb or play paintball or skydive or are brave in an everyday aspect - and I don't mean jumping in front of a train to save your friend, although that is brave - because you're obviously Dauntless. But I was just curious as to who actually would be Dauntless and who just wishes they could be.

Leave your comments down below. I'm really interested in what people will say.

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well its true because personally i would love to be dauntless but i wouldn t survive

im not candor because im not honest

i can t be amity because im not always ready to help ppl

i can t be abnegation cause im selfish 

so my place is with the erudite

Why not, I already have the wardrobe.
1. Not to be daunted or) intimidated; fearless; intrepid; bold:"

"Incapable of being intimidated or discouraged".

According to the dictionary, yes, I can confidently state I am Dauntless, and considering I quoted said dictionary, probably a bit erudite. Someone did refer to me as being erudite once, in a conversation that had nothing to do with Divergent.
I've also been referred to as, and I quote, "a bolshy little bastard, who takes shit from no one". As if I'm ever "difficult to manage or rebellious", "deliberately combative or uncooperative". *looks innocent*

Think the Dauntless leaders would have their work cut out trying to keep me in line though. So perhaps I wouldn't make the grade.
There is no way i can survive the gruesome initiation of Dauntless. I think that the Abnegation initiation would be must easier to pass so i probably be that or erudite

In my aptitude test, I was surprised that my highest ranked factions were Dauntless, Erudite and Amity... I mean, I understand the latter, but DAUNTLESS?! Nah... I'd never survive! If I was brave enough though, of course I would! I've always wanted to try out the zip line, and sky diving is most definitely on my bucket list ;)

I would tottaly be dauntless , I took the test I'm divergent but I code dauntless

LOL, I would never be Dauntless... I'm the sort of person who sits in my room reading all day! I don't socialize with people unless I have to and I'd probably die trying to just onto the train in the first five minutes of initiation...

Things i know i'm definitely not:

Candor, Amity, Abnegation


Dauntless, Erudite



That's true, my friend Kayley thinks that she's totally Dauntless when she makes me do things cause she's scared. Again, there are different types of Dauntless. But she's neither of them
I really wish I could be dauntless, but I know I'm not brave enough. I think I would be divergent because I really don't fit in any one faction.

I actually want to be Dauntless or Candor, but when I was gonna pick Candor when I wanted to choose I picked Dauntless cause I'm not that brave to pick Candor. 

I would definitely be Dauntless due to the fact that while reading the book, I found myself agreeing to the Daintless faction more than the others. Of course it would be fantastic to be in the same faction as Tobias and Tris, but if they weren't there, I would still choose Dauntless. Also, the idea of learning how to defend yourself (and others) appeals to me deeply because I have a natural drive to protect people. I guess that could also be tied into Abnegation because I constantly feel obligated to help/protect people.
Geez, I wish there was a "Fandom School" so we could experience this first hand!

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Fangirl over DIVERGENT here!




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