Whenever somebody asks the question "Which faction would you choose?", most people say Dauntless, because, let's face it, who wouldn't want to be in Tris and Tobias' faction where you jump on/off trains, play capture the flag at night and zip-line off buildings?

The thing is, would you actually choose Dauntless? And if you did, would you survive initiation? Personally, I would love to be in Dauntless, but I know that I wouldn't choose it because I wouldn't survive! So I would choose Amity, because that's where I know I would fit in. 

Please don't be offended if you rockclimb or play paintball or skydive or are brave in an everyday aspect - and I don't mean jumping in front of a train to save your friend, although that is brave - because you're obviously Dauntless. But I was just curious as to who actually would be Dauntless and who just wishes they could be.

Leave your comments down below. I'm really interested in what people will say.

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Thoughtful question!

  Hm, I think could make it. Being in Dauntless might not be as comfortable as Amity (of course), but I feel that Dauntless' ideals are agreeable, such as, "We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, and the courage that drives one person to stand up for another." If Dauntless would stay true to their manifesto, I would love to be in Dauntless! But let me look at how I would do in other factions before I make my final decision...

  Abnegation: I adore the art of losing yourself, just as much as Tris does. But I feel that I would end up like Tris and Caleb, I wouldn't be my whole self in Abnegation. I could be selfless for a while, but more of me would end up like a caged cloud...

  Amity: So kind and peaceful. But I feel that that would be kind of hard for me to do all the time. I'm not sure...

  Candor: Ummm, mostly no. I like talking, but I don't like everyone knowing everything about me. I wouldn't be able to handle it, no sir. But I do like honesty...

  Erudite: I am smart, but I don't think I would feel as free as I would be in Dauntless.

I also feel that my brains isn't who I am really. I feel that my bravery covers more of who I am.

and finally...

Dauntless: To me, Dauntless are sort of like Divergent. In order to do what Dauntless do, you can't be stupid, too selfish or heartless. Dauntless are probably a little bit of each of the other factions, but they have their own way of being selfless, clever, kind and honest. 

 Of course I'm Divergent. But if I had to pick one, I would do Dauntless all the way.

Be Brave!

I really like the idea of Dauntless, I mean who doesn't want to be in the brave faction? In reality I wouldn't be brave enough to be in Dauntless, I wouldn't have the courage to do anything that would occur during initiation. I would be in either Amity or Erudite.

If I had to choose a faction, I would choose dauntless. I would pass initiation even if it killed me. I admire and love how loyal, brave, strong, and fearless they are. everyone has the capacity and potential to be dauntless. So many times we underestimate ourselves and don't even realize our strengths. When we or someone we love face dangerous situations, we act selflessly and bravely to protect what we believe in and be the strength to those who are weak. We will often go to hell and back just to know that our loved ones are safe and out of harm's way. In some cases, we choose to protect them and in other cases we act on instinct, ignoring the thoughts of what may lie ahead. It is in those moments that we find ourselves. We realize who we are and what we can do. To everyone who is reading, never underestimate yourself. You may think you have reason to doubt yourself, but you don't. You have strengths that make you who you are. You are strong. You are brave. You are dauntless. Believe me, I know from experience.

 The physical aspect of dauntless.... not so sure, but I would love love love to be in my own fear landscape one day. I think it will be great to try and conquer your fears one after one. Personally, I'm 100% divergent.

I think that I would be in dauntless, because i think that  the other a little bit boring ,and i am a athlethic girl,what you're saying is true to but i don't thik that i fit in the other factions. Maybe more people could pass the initation, more than they think .So i would like to be in Dauntless 

I would still be Dauntless. I train Kung-fu at least twice a week and am pretty good at it I also am pretty fearless so i think i would be able to pass initiation

I had equal aptitude for Dauntless and Erudite the first time I took the aptitude test. The second time, was after I joined Erudite and I aligned with Erudite the most out of all. In both tests, Candor was the third highest, followed by Amity and Abnegation. I love both school and martial arts. I want to become an engineer and instructor.

I have been wondering in which faction I belong a long time, but let's face it, we're all divergent and we know it. But I believe that if we lived in that time that I would be a born Erudite, but would choose Dauntless. This is because I believe more in their manifesto than in any of the other factions. I could never be Candor, because I lie on a daily bases, I could never be Amity, because I'm too agressive, I could never be Abnegation, because I love attention too much and I could never really be Erudite, because I would get bored too easily. I know I would choose Dauntless, but I don't know if I would survive initiation. Probably not. I am too weak for that. But I am not a quitter either, so you never know. But I do now that I believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand op for another, I know that I believe in shouting for those who can only whisper, in defending those who cannot defend themselves. 

I would like to be dauntless but I wouldn't even be able to muster the courage to jump on the train in the first place, let alone jump off a roof. If I was actually at the choosing ceremony I would choose amity - it sounds way the nicest and I would fit in there, although I think I'd have to eat a lot of bread to stay happy all the time! Dauntless would probably be my least suitable faction to be honest.

Before I didn't think I could be Dauntless but I find that I feel like I belong there. Not because where they live and what they do is cool but because of the fact they learn to face their fears no matter what.

When the faction test actually said I fit mostly into Dauntless, (This sounds silly but) I find that I can now do things that I would've been afraid of before the Divergent series came to be.

Honestly, if I had been with them on that train I think I would've jumped off too (Hopefully I would've made it!)

Being brave is sometimes scary but it's also incredibly exciting, exhilarating and fun :) Don't you agree?

I agree it's good that most people are thinking they fit more than one faction because reality is complex.   The themes in such books are very interesting.  

Caro said:

Great Question!

I think maybe when I was 16 I might of. I was certainly more fearless then - and I have always been very righteous, "stand up for what's right"... very proud (to a fault, I assure you haha). I guess, the way that dauntless was "supposed to be" would have been the dauntless I'd have chosen - but the way it was pitched in the "modern times" of the book was rather corrupt. So for that reason I'm not sure. 

My other most likely factions would have been Amity, or Abnegation. It's obviously good to note that all of us are saying two or more factions! Here in real life, we can't be just one! The "what if?" is very interesting though!

The big points we go home with are that even if we have a favourite, they are all important :).

I would fit in all the faction except amity

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