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Choosing Ceremony...what is your choice?
About me
I like to get out side a lot. I am kind of like a gentle giant you could say, that used to be a nickname for me.But,I can be a bit tough you could say, i stand up for what i believe and wont stand for it if someone hurts my friends not in this life time, would anyone get away with hurting my friends. MY favorite color is blue, and my favorite food is chicken.

I love to draw animals, like wolves and cats and dragons, etc. though i have a long way to go.

I love Divergent and I cant wait till i get my hands on the second book, but i'm having trouble getting it, i shall get it no matter what.

Silvia Chapter 1, the simulation

 My name is Silvia, I am from Amity, I have grown up here and I love it here, but I never felt right here. I'm tall, and stronger then I should for my own good, and I do admit to not being the best farmer, ever. The one thing that i can actually do right here is express my feelings through art and that's about it. I bet if they could, others would even admit to me being no help ever, I just ruin stuff, just ask about the last crop they'll tell ya. I do love the out doors but not in the same way I guess, they love to work outside and stuff, but I love to climb the highest tree I can find and try to see as far as I can.

 Today is the day I go through my simulation that decides my faction, I wonder what will happen, I don't want to leave here but I know I don't belong here. I get down from where i'm perched on the tree to go to school, I run as fast as I can, but immediately slow when I see everyone a little bit off. I climb into the truck and jump off before it stops which is considered crazy I guess, but its fun. I jog up to the school in blue-jean shorts, and red shirt. My silver like eyes still weird people out to this day, there white but there not there a shinny color that resembles silver, hence the name Silvia. My hair doesn't help at all its even worse, its the same weird color, but more grayish but still contains that silver color. Nobody knows how I came out like this, my parents and siblings all have brown hair and eyes, so its a mystery to people and starts gossip at school a lot, but I don't care. When I walk into the school and the 'honest' shoot me looks and ask "whats with the hair, freak, I thought only Dauntless dye there hair, and such a horrid color" I bite the inside of my cheek, I tell myself it will eventually stop, peace will come if you say nothing, is what I go by, but I wish I COULD say something, someday.

 I sit at a table with everyone in my fraction, they act peaceful, but you can see the distance the put between me and them though its small and they don't act any different around me then any of there friends. I swallow hard when I hear my name "Silvia, from Amity, please come here" I stand and follow my long silver like hair draping my face as a shield as I walk from my table across to the door, hearing murmurs from 'the honest' as I pass. Once I'm past the door I lift my head and follow the woman, into a room, that only has mirrors everywhere, and a chair sits beside a desk but not a normal sitting chair, its THE chair, its slightly reclined, and when I sit it goes all the way down. I stare up at the woman till my eyelids go heavy and I g into the simulation.

"Silvia, please choose, knife or food" I think, 'the food would be the peaceful way to go, but I could defend myself with the knife...' I grab the knife and stare when a door opens and a lion with a bushy mane, comes out a white door, its claws unsheathed. I chuckle in my head, I always wanted a cat, I wonder why. The beast lunges its mouth open into a ferocious roar, I tremble for second then, i point the knife upward toward the lion, and close my eyes. When I open them, the limp body of the lion is on the floor and the knife is stained red as well as my hands. I look at my hands, and whimper, but the simulation changes, and I am in a white room with nothing init, i still have the bloodied knife and my silver eyes have this gleam in them but it fades quickly. The door opens, and a little girl walks in, no my little sister, walks in. She looks different and I see why soon, her delicate hard working figure, soon morphs into a big beast, a dragon I do believe. Everything about her changes besides her eyes they remain the gleaming brown ones, I know to be hers. But, she sprouts big leathery wings and her body turns into a lizard like form, her long neck towering over me. I shake not by the creature before me, no, but what I know what I have to do. I shot of ice is fired at me I dodge it, hesitate then I press a button on the knife that I just noticed, and it turned into a sword with fire intertwining up it into a fire tip. I brought by my side, and jump as high as I can and land on a wing, but jump onto the back. I take a breath, and plunge my sword into the beasts back, and press the button again  extending it again until it went through the beasts heart, it collapses, and I stand on a heap of scales and wings, the lifeless body of a dragon. The simulation ends.

 The woman, who has been silent so far besides calling me, hands me a piece of paper it read DAUNTLESS, I look up. The woman speaks, "I didn't expect the simulation to take such drastic turns, as well as how you reacted" she clears her thought "you are defiantly Dauntless, mis" I nod my head in understanding, my hands still felt bloody but there wasn't a trace of the red liquid on my hands. 

 I return home and go to my favorite tree for thinking. I sit there on the highest branch watching the sun fade, into orange then into night, the stars creeping across the black sky. "tomorrow will change me, forever" I would never be in this place again. I would never see my family again, besides visiting days, because I knew what I will choose tomorrow DAUNTLESS, the brave, I wonder what it will be like. I jump from my tree and walk to where my home was. 

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