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Tobias & tris complications

Alright, so I'm sure most of you divergent-loving fans have already read the official summary for insurgent. Well, I just about died when I read, "shifting relationships." Now yes, I do realize that it could mean anything or anyone, but come on, you can't really tell me I'm the only one who immediately went "OMG TOBIAS AND TRIS." Veronica Roth did mention once that she could never picture a love triangle involved with tris and tobias(thank god), so where does that leave us? Do they…


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Follow Each Divergent Faction Tumblr Page! #DivergentNation

Follow your 'Divergent' Factions' tumblr page!  Now Divergent fans have their own unique tumblr pages that are geared toward each Faction.  Take your Faction quiz …


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DivergentFans has been chosen as the leader of the DAUNTLESS #DivergentNation

5 Faction leaders have been chosen by HarperCollins!  This first choosing ceremony has established 5 leaders of the 5 Factions. …


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NEW Insurgent (Divergent book 2) Tease - They are alive and free

New Insurgent teaser from Chapter 24 of INSURGENT.  Tris reforming her choice to choose…


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Divergent Author Veronica Roth "loved The Hunger Games movie"

Veronica tweeted some love for the newly released 'Hunger Games' movie.


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READ: The First 2 Chapters of INSURGENT (Divergent Book 2)



One choice can…


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VIDEO: Official Book Trailer for INSURGENT (Divergent book 2)

Does this get you even more excited for May…


Added by First Jumper on March 22, 2012 at 9:49am — 13 Comments

'Hunger Games' Star Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove) Loves DIVERGENT

MTV asked Hunger Games' star Isabelle Fuhrman who plays the character Clove what was in her YA bookshelf.  Read what she says about DIVERGENT:

"Have you read the book 'Divergent'?" she asked. To which we were totally like, umyeahofcourse. "I love that…


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**UPDATED WITH WINNER! Win a Copy of DIVERGENT (Paperback Edition) Contest #DivergentNation

Before the anticipated release of INSURGENT (Divergent book 2) on May 1st, we are encouraging you to get your friends interested in DIVERGENT.  What's the best way to get friends to read DIVERGENT?  Winning a free copy couldn't hurt!!  Please share this fun contest with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and etc.


1.  Take a photo of yourself in front of…


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AUDIO: Veronica Roth Talks About Insurgent (Divergent Book 2) has a 2 minute audio clip of Veronica Roth talking about how Insurgent (Divergent Book 2) came about.  Listen to the full clip…


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Who Think's?

I'm thinking of doing something for my YouTube channel for Divergent like enactment of scenes from the book do you think this is a good idea?

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While reading the book... (:

 While reading the book, I absolutely fell in love...

     This is not a book for mere fans looking for a great read, this book is for people who want an adventure, and fun. To explore new places, and find out who they are. This book is more for the people who aren't judgmental and able to be open to new ideas about...



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I really love DIvergent. I read it in my Teen Reads class and I instantly fell in love. A few books just totally draw me in, and I never get tired of them. Examples of these books for me are The Hunger Games and the Twilight Saga. A lot of people don't like the Twilight Saga, which I completely don't understand, but anyway, I became obsessed with Divergent within ten pages. I love it so much(:

Added by Emily Duff on March 16, 2012 at 5:34pm — No Comments

Insurgent Fan fiction- the Amity decide their fate

We walk into the room, and at first I am overwhelmed by the seas of red and yellow in every direction.  I resist the urge to put my hand above my eyes to shield the brightness of such a combo. The donated Abnegation clothes I wear make me a shadow to the sun, modest in comparison to free. I am the only one not shining, if you don't count Marcus, and I don't.

The Amity must have quickly made a council, since only Abnegation leaders were in charge before. For all I know,…


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DIVERGENT fanart spotlight: Verdeen's Divergent Movie Poster

Divergent Fan Verdeen has made a Divergent movie poster.  I spy a ferris wheel and a raven.  What do you think?

See all of Verdeen's art…


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NEW Insurgent Teaser - WHERE IS TOBIAS???

INSURGENT TEASER! "A breeze blows through the alley, pushing me to one side, and I think of scaling the Ferris wheel with Tobias. He kept me steady then. There is no one left to keep me steady now."

Are they broken up?  Is Tobias missing?  IS TOBIAS DEAD??  Oh…


Added by First Jumper on March 7, 2012 at 1:05pm — 2 Comments

New INSURGENT Teaser - "We both have war inside us."

Thanks to the Katherine Tegen Books official Facebook page we have a new Insurgent teaser from chapter 20 of Insurgent.  Only 60 days until we have Insurgent in our…

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