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Theo James and Shailene Woodley are now ‘Divergent’ Action Figures

Neca's Tris and Four Action Figures - Divergent

Photo credit NECA

Come June, you can take pocket Four and Tris everywhere with you!


At the 2014 Toy Fair happening right now in New York, ‘Divergent’ Tris and Four action figures made…


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Welcome to the Madhouse

I'm drawing anyone who enjoys fanfiction's attention to an old story of mine. I understand that this is mindless advertising, but I've decided to put my pride behind me, and plead anyone who reads this to click on the html and check it out. Here's the summary:

Boarding school AU. Tobias moves away to a strange school in order to escape his father, and meets a girl like no other. Contained and defensive, Tris captures his attention more than Tobias thinks is the healthy amount.…


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I am a fanfiction author, as well as a member of this site. I have recently published a story, which I have called Initiation. It's set a few years before 'Divergent'. Please read it


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So I saw this on either tumblr or quotev, and I am just like: that is so me. The only thing is, in the books the world ends up collapsing. Then again if it weren't for David it would have been okay. Post your thoughts

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Tris and Four

Just saw the Divergent movie (I've also read the books) and was inspired to read some of Shelaine Woodley's (Tris) and Theo James' (Four) interviews. There is this big debate going on about how Theo is actually 28, however his character is meant to be 18 so they raised Four's movie age up to 25. I think this is terrible!!!!!!! Tris is 16!!!! Please give me some opinions on this subject.

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Us Erudite have been viewed as bad or mean or evil. I'm one of the few other Erudite that are nice we are kind as well. I'm not taking offence to anyone who doesn't like Erudite but just say nice things about me the person just like my for me. I'm really nice once you get to know me. I'm proud to be Erudite and always will.


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Who is better Tris or Four please comment

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The soundtracks

The soundtracks of the movie put me to sleep but the soundtrack of tris's mother dyeing makes me feel sad in side. It remains me of when i saw the movie and at the part where her mom died

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Convergent - My New Fan Fiction and...Let's be friends!

Yesterday I published the first chapter of my new fan fiction, I am really pleased with it so far and I can see it going in so many directions so far. Even if it only has 3 reads lol

Here's the summary 

"It's a year after the war and the first choosing ceremony, all mothers, fathers and their children were put in the convergence zones while the rest of society chose a faction. Elizabeth-Rose is one of 200 teenagers…


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I'm a happy Divergent fant

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The Last Night (Before the Choosing Ceremony)

I was sitting in the den of our home, reading a book like any other day. My brother, Mason, sat across from me, a book in one of his hands as he pushed his glasses further up his nose. My younger brother, Aaron and I had refused to wear glasses. We didn't even need to, our vision was perfect. Mason, however, wasn't like us. Aaron and I always felt that studying and reading all the time was boring. He thought different. He thought like all the other Erudite. I always said to myself that I…


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Dauntless Speak Up

Us dauntless have been known as the protecters of everything inside the gate well now its time for us to speak up and say all the crazy daring fun awesome things we always say and make the dauntless the AWESOMEST faction!!!!!!!!!

Added by Carter Micheals on April 16, 2014 at 7:32am — 2 Comments

Divergent Fan Fiction

When i jumped off the train a feeling of complete adrenalin rushed through me. Even though i was Dauntless born and had done this hundreds of times, it never got old. The wind wiped through my thick red hair as i went hurling through the grass. I arose quickly dusting the grass from my pants and helped my best friend Cara off the grass. "That was fun, i guess" she said. Cara was an transfer from Amity. I know what your thinking "An Amity made it through initiation!" She surprised everyone…


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books quote

this is common quote that both the movie and the book state.

Faction before blood.

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come join my group

come join my group its www.divergentfans.com/groups/Chicago. please join

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sharing fears

 Roth shares fears with both Tris and Tobias.

Roth shares fears with both Tris and Tobias.
nikaworks / Via nikaworks.deviantart.com

When you came up with the fear landscapes, were any of the fears your…


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Four stories

 There will be four short stories about Tobias.

19 Things You Should Know About The "Divergent" Series From Author Veronica Roth

Are there any more short stories coming…


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Natalie prior was based of the auther mother

Natalie Prior is loosely based off Veronica Roth’s mom.

Natalie Prior is loosely based off Veronica Roth's mom.



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If you need help

If you need any help with the site let me know my name is Chicago bate look me up friend me if you want and message me if you need any help with anything about divergent only thank you.


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