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Neil Burger in Talks to Direct Adaptation of Dystopian YA Novel DIVERGENT

Limitless Director in reported talks to direct Divergent.  We love any Divergent movie talk!



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Summit Entertainment Aims to Begin Divergent Movie Production in March for 2014 Release + Required Rights to Insurgent

We finally have some new Divergent Movie news!  We now know that Summit is aiming towards a 2014 movie release and wants to start production as early as March 2013.  That is a short 8 months away!

According to…


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Needing book 3

I've been reading divergent and insurgent all day I've read them 3 times now! I need book 3 I'm dying over here and I've already made plans with other fans like me to go see the movie when it comes out! Im so excited!!!!!!!

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Divergent and Insurgent Available NOW in a 2-Book E-Book Format

As of August 7th, both Divergent and Insurgent are now available in a special two-book collection in e-book format! The collection is available for $18.99 from…


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Tobias or four

Do u like the. Ame Tobias or Four to me I like four four is a cool name and it really means somthing about him being dauntless but Tobias is such a butiful name and it's so special of he were to tell u it because it's a part of him and his past so personally I like the name Tobias

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Happy Birthday, Veronica!

Yes, Happy 24th Birthday Veronica Roth! You are one of my favorite authors and one of the youngest authors I have ever heard of who has written such a great book. Keep writing and enjoy your birthday! :)

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Happy Birthday Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I hope you have the best day ever and have a lot of fun. Even though I have never met you, you are just amazing. I am so grateful that you are in this world because I live in the thoughts of Tris, and compare every real life situation to Divergent. I was part of the Divergent fandom a LONG time ago and have NEVER lost how much I love it. I can easily say that it and Insurgent are the best books ever written and I am dying to read the third…


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Happy 24th Birthday Veronica Roth!

Today, August 19th, is Veronica Roth's 24th birthday.  Please leave a birthday wish or comment for Veronica Roth below.

Thank you Veronica for making books we love to read.  We hope you have a wonderful day with your…


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Divergent Book Trilogy Party Invitations, Cupcake Toppers and Party Favor Tags

It's not often that we find Divergent merchandise, so we are glad to share with you some unique party products from Bookish Ways on Etsy.

Get your Divergent party started off right, just…


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Veronica Roth Answers Divergent Fan Questions About FOUR's Appearance, Aptitude Tests, and Her Favorite Page of Insurgent

From time to time Divergent author Veronica Roth opens up her tumblr page to fan questions.  I always love when this happens.  Here are a couple…


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Veronica Roth Shares Some Divergent Book 3 Info and Inspiration

Veronica Roth is writing book 3 according to her tumblr post on July 30th:


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My fan made movie :)

Hey guys so this isn't spam or anything but my friends and I made a film adaption of divergent! It's only the first five chapters but I would like to make the rest of it if this video gets a good amount of views :)! Please check it out and let me know what you think!

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The City of Divergent!

The Hub!Capture the Flag!…


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The Divergent Series Makes NPR's Top 100 List

The Divergent Series lands at number 19 of the top 100 teen books.  Over 75,000 people voted for 235 nominated books and the 19th spot is a great acheivement!  Congratulate Veronica Roth on Twitter…


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Video: Isabelle Fuhrman Loves 'Divergent"

In a recent interview with MTV Isabelle Fuhrman confessed her loved for 'Divergent' by Veronica Roth. To see everything she said about the series and more check out the video below!(The video can't be embedded so click the pic and it will take you to the site)




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***Fan Question*** What Character….

(an amazing Fan Made Poster)


I love hearing all the opinions from the fandoms I love and this fandom is no exception. So here is your fun Fan Question of the Week.

What Divergent/Insurgent Character do you relate to most?

Make sure…


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The Unofficial Divergent Movie Score 'Factionless': 15 Songs by Sam Cushion

As we wait for any Divergent movie news, let's listen to an Unofficial movie score made by…


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ok idk when its coming out i heard once that it was cming out early then i saw it was coming out 2015 so i'm confused??? you know pleasee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment! thank you<4

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Divergence can mean Death part 2

Here is part 2 :)


The man walks back in. I'm really excited to see him. His red and yellow makes him seem happy, but if you look at his face it is perplexed. My face must also be perplexed because he comes out apologizing.

"I am teribblly sorry to worry you. It's just... We don't find many like you..." his words stick in my mind we don't find many like you? whats that supposed to mean? Did I do something wrong? probably, father always told me about how I…


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