'Insurgent' Read-Along: Chapters 14-20

Hey, Initiates! Thank you so much for all your great participation in this read-along and I hope you all are having as much fun with it as I am! I love hearing all of your opinions and feedback in the comments, so keep 'em coming!

Chapters 1 - 7

Chapters 8 - 13

Chapter 14

As Tris sits in a Candor hallway after her confrontation with Tobias, Lynn comes up and tells her to snap out of it and follow her.

Lynn leads Tris to the Dauntless' sleeping quarters within Candor. There, Tris meets Lynn's younger brother Hector. Hector thinks Tris is strange because of her Divergent "powers" but Lynn thinks Divergence is just a government conspiracy. 

Tris then sees Uriah and Marlene again and they tell her of their plans to go spy on the Erudite from the top of the Hancock building. Then Uriah and Marlene leave together, much to Lynn's dismay.

Lynn's mouth puckers.

"What?" I say.

"Nothing," she snaps. She shakes her head. "They've just been hanging out alone all the time lately."

A few hours later, as they are about to leave for the Hancock building, Tris has an awkward encounter with Tobias, who passes up the offer of going with them and then tells Tris not to do anything stupid.

In the lobby of Candor headquarters on their way out, Tris meets Shauna, who is also wary of Tris' Divergence, and sees Lauren again. 

Then, the guns go off and the glass doors explode.

Dauntless traitors shoot into the building with guns that shoot blue beams out above the barrels. The loyal Dauntless around Tris start to shoot back and many of them fall trying. 

Tris then notices that a blue beam is fixed on her and tries to jump out the way but fails. 

The gun goes off and she falls.

Chapter 15

Tris is shot but not majorly wounded and can feel a lump on her shoulder where she was hit.

Then metal cylinders are thrown into the room spraying white smoke all throughout. Everyone around Tris falls unconscious, so she does the same because the Dauntless traitors enter the building, including Eric. She concludes that the smoke must be simulation-inducing since she is the only one awake.

When the traitors have left, Tris gets up with her knife, because she can't fire a gun, and grabs a Dauntless Traitor jacket off of a fallen soldier. Then Uriah gets up.

"Tris!" someone says. I turn around... Uriah stands behind me.

"Divergent?" I ask him. There is no time to be shocked.

"Yeah," he says.

"Get a jacket," I say.

Tris sends Uriah to the 3rd floor to warn the Divergent up there and Tris herself goes to the second floor. 

Up there, Tris learns they are rounding up the Divergents and are going to kill some and take back others from Eric, who she prays doesn't see her. Then she starts stepping on people to see if they are awake. She catches a young girl who winces when she steps on her hand and helps the girl to escape.

But, Eric saw what she did and seizes her. Tris first stomps on his foot that she shot, causing him to scream and just hold her tight. Shortly later, she kicks him in the groin and tries to escape, but he grabs her and pushes his thumb into her shoulder wound.

Eric takes Tris to the elevator bank with the other Divergents who had been caught. Soon, Uriah is brought in too.

Tris knows she is probably done for but then remembers, she has a knife in her back pocket.

Chapter 16
As Tris waits by the elevator bank, she slowly inches her hand to her back pocket: as her last act, she plans to stab Eric when he gets close.

Eric soon announces that he only gets to take two Divergent back to Erudite with him and has to decide who to kill and who to take. He then proceeds to shoot the young boy next to Tris because his Divergence has not completely developed:

He lifts his gun and fires.

A strangled scream leaps out of my body as the boy slumps to the ground, and I squeeze my eyes shut. ...

My scream accomplished one thing: now Eric stands in front of me, smiling. I caught his attention.

Eric walks over to her and muses about killing her and her aptitude test results when:

I lurch forward, pulling my hand out of my pocket. I close my eyes as I thrust the blade up and toward him. I don't want to see his blood.

She stabs him. And then chaos ensues.

Uriah grabs a gun and begins to fight back against the traitors (who don't have their real guns ready). Then more loyal Dauntless come into the room and help in the fight, including Tobias, who grabs Tris and protects her.

Finally the loyal Dauntless win and the gunshots stop.

Chapter 17

After the fight ends Tobias tells Tris how it all happened:

     When the Erudite reached the stairwell, one of them didn't go to the second floor but went to the highest level where she warned a group of loyal Dauntless, including Tobias. Those Dauntless gathered on the main floor and broke up into groups to storm the stairwells and surround the Dauntless traitors at the elevators. The traitors weren't prepared for resistance so they ran.

     The woman who warned them was Cara, Will's older sister.

Tris goes to the bathroom to pull the metal disk out of her shoulder and sees a blue dye in her arm. Then Uriah comes in:

He informs her that the Candor are waking up, causing a ton of chaos, and Eric is still alive He also asks her not to tell anyone about his Divergence because he doesn't want Shauna and others to be afraid of him.

The next day, Tris sees Caleb in the cafeteria. He came with Marcus, who escaped from Amity with none other than Peter, who has joined the Erudite.

"Erudite," I say. I shake my head. "What a-"

I can't even think of a word strong enough to describe [Peter.] Apparently I need to expand my vocabulary.

Caleb's face twists for a moment...

And this is Veronica Roth's way of saying:


Tris and Tobias go to talk together but the Dauntless mock him as he walks saying, "'I saw your daddy here earlier, Eaton! You gonna go hide?'"

They quickly escape the scene and Tris tells him that Marcus is there too. But, their conversation is mainly focused on simulations and what the Erudite are doing. 

After weighing all of the possibilities, Tris and Tobias conclude:

  • The Erudite have developed a long-lasting simulation transmitter
  • They targeted the Candor and Dauntless because they were all together, unlike the Factionless

As they leave, Tobias accuses Tris of being reckless by going to attack the Dauntless without a gun instead of running away. They argue until Tobias says:

Tris returns to the cafeteria and sits with Caleb, Marlene, and Lynn.

(Sorry Lynn is spelled wrong!)

Caleb tells Tris that he is going to return soon because he doesn't want "anyone to worry."

"I didn't realize Susan had changed her name to 'Anyone,'" I say, raising an eyebrow.

"Ha-Ha," he says, making a face at me.

Then Tris spots Erudite blue across the room and realizes it's Cara, which makes Tris' stomach drop.

Then Uriah storms up from the lunch line and says that Eric knew hardly anything about Jeanine's plan. 

Then they hear that the Candor has ice cream, which leads to a debate over which faction has the best treat. 

But we all know Dauntless cake is the best ;)

Chapter 18

Later that day, Jack Kang holds a meeting for everyone who is at Candor Headquarters. He asks the Divergent to step up and to everyone's surprise, Marcus steps up. 

Jack believes that the Erudite attacked in order to find the Divergent, but Tris tells him that they want to control them and the needles they shot the Candor with can do that.

Kang then dismisses Tris as a "little girl" and says that he won't make a decision based on her speculations.

"You don't make our decisions for us, Kang," says Tobias.

All around me, the Dauntless shout their assent. Someone else yells, "You are not the leader of our faction!"

Jack tells them they can storm Erudite on their own if they want, but they won't have much luck without Candor support. He then decides that they will discuss a peace treaty with the Erudite.

We can't attack without Candor, I think, unless we have the factionless.

Chapter 19

That afternoon as Tris and some others clean up the broken glass in the lobby, when two Dauntless traitors come hobbling up the front steps.

It's Zeke carrying a wounded and bleeding Tori. 

Zeke says the Dauntless traitors found out they were collecting info from them and shot Tori as she tried to escape. He will have to tell his story again under the truth serum.

Then Uriah shows up and the two brothers have a little reunion:

Zeke is quickly proved innocent and tells everyone that he and Tori were spies in Erudite, but Tori acted weird while they were there. In the meantime, they are waiting for Four to return with the info about Jack Kang's meeting with Jeanine in terms of peace.

Then Tris sees Cara walk over to Christina on the other side of the room. The two leave the room and Tris follows them. 

She hears Christina say she cannot stand to be around Tris here because of what she did. But Cara, surprisingly, says she understands why Tris did what she did. Cara also insults Tris' "exceptionally long nose" but Tris is thankful that she defended her.

She returns to the table and Tobias comes with the information that Jack is meeting with a representative of Jeanine at seven in the morning.

The group at the table tells Tris to used her "Divergent magic" to assess the situation like an Erudite. But Shauna doesn't like this idea because Tris may not be completely loyal if she is Divergent. 

In the end, they conclude that they need to hear Jeanine's representative speak to Kang so they know if they're going to be betrayed or not.

Chapter 20

As Tris, Tobias, Lynn, and Lauren sit in the cafeteria waiting for the next morning, a group of Dauntless walk by Tobias and whisper "Coward" in his ear. 

Tobias rises, saying, "This needs to stop."

He walks over to Marcus, grabs him from his chair, punches him, pushes him to the ground, and then pulls out his own belt.

"This is for your own good," he says. 

That, I remember, is what Marcus, and his many manifestations, always said to Tobias in his fear landscape.

Then the belt flies through the air and hits Marcus in the arm. Marcus' face is bright red, and he covers his head as the next blow falls, this one hitting his back. all around me is laughter, coming from the Dauntless tables, but I am not laughing, I cannot possibly laugh at this.

Finally I come to my senses. I run forward and grab Tobias' shoulder.

"Stop!" I say. "Tobias, stop right now!"

I expect to see a wild look in his eyes, but when he looks at me, I do not. His face is not flushed and his breaths are steady. This was not an act performed in the heat of passion.

It was a calculated act.

Then Tobias pulls out a ring on a silver chain and drops it next to his father's face, saying, "My mother says hello," then walks out.

Tris chases him down and asks Tobias why he did that. He says it was necessary, but asks why she cares; she hasn't cared about what he does for the past week so why now. She sees the erratic part of him "bubbling just beneath the surface of what he does, just like the cruel part of me."


Tris knows that Tobias' actions were too intentional to salvage his pride, but why else?

As she leaves Tobias, Tris remembers the information she heard about from Marcus in Amity. So she waits till Marcus is alone in the bathroom trying to stop the bleeding. She reminds him of her offer to help him get the information from Jeanine that he needs. 

"I thought we went over this. ... The idea that you could help-"

"I don't know where you get this delusion that I'm useless, but that's what it is," I snap. "And I'm not interesting in hearing about it. All I want to say is that when you stop being delusional and start feeling desperate because you're too inept to figure this out on your own, you know who to come to."


What are your thoughts on this week's section? Are there any good quotes or pieces of fanart missing above?

I know what I was thinking when Tris stabbed Eric:

Anyways, here are some discussion questions for this week:

  • Who is your favorite supporting character(not Tris or Four)?
  • Why do you think Tris often gets dismissed as a foolish little girl even when she's done so much?

Discuss your thoughts in the comments!

Our next section is Chapters 21-27 so read up and get ready!

Thanks for continuing to read along, and I will see you again next week!

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Yay! I loved when Tris stabs Eric!!!!
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Another nice piece of fan art!

Comment by Jack William on September 23, 2017 at 2:53am

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Comment by Jack William on October 1, 2017 at 1:11am

Reading about you last week and I am really impressed by your struggle and it motivate me a lot. In this chapter 14 and chapter 20 you explain some things very well that I need to learn. writing reviews


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