Insurgent Read-Along: Chapters 21-27

Hey, Initiates! Sorry for getting behind on read-along posts the past couple of weeks! I hope you all are still following along with us as we complete our last few sections of Insurgent! The movie is drawing closer as we speak so I'm pretty excited! 

If you're behind, check out previous sections here:

Chapters 1-7           Chapters 8-13             Chapters 14-20


Chapter 21

Tris is waiting for the time when she and some of their friends are going to go spy on Kang's meeting with Jeanine. She tries to hold a gun that Lynn gave her but can't do it because of her memories of Will. She looks in the mirror at herself.

This is how I looked to him, I think. This is how I looked when I shot him.

Tobias comes in and asks her if she plans to eavesdrop on the meeting. She asks why she should tell him since he doesn't tell her his plans, like attacking Marcus.

"I needed to prove to the Dauntless that I am not a coward," he says. "That's all. That's all it was."

"Why would you need to..." I start.

Tris realizes that Tobias is trying to become important among the Dauntless so he can forge an alliance between Dauntless and Factionless, like Evelyn encouraged him to.

Tobias interrupts her thoughts by accusing her of being reckless again and not valuing her own life. He says he won't stop her but she can't stop him from going with her.

Early the next morning, Tris, Tobias, Lynn, and Shauna hide under the bridge where the meeting is going to take place while Uriah and Zeke watch from afar. 

Soon enough, Jack and his Dauntless escort show up followed by Max as Jeanine's representative, who is speaking in a strange manner for a "self-respecting Dauntless man." Tris guesses later that Jeanine must be feeding him through an earpiece.

Max tells Kang that this will not be a negotiation because Candor is the only disposable faction so he must do exactly what he says. 

There are three requirements:

  1. Return Eric unharmed
  2. Allow the Erudite to extract all of the Divergent.
  3. Give them a list of the names of people who were not injected with the simulation serum.

Kang grabs Max's collar out of frustration:

"Release me," says Max. "Or I will order my guards to fire."

I frown. If Jeanine is speaking through Max, she had to be able to see him in order to know that he was grabbed. I lean forward to look at the buildings on the other side of the bridge. On my left, the river bends, and a squat glass building stands at the edge. That must be where she is. 

Tris, Tobias, and Shauna proceed to go after Jeanine but Lynn has other plans. She has climbed up the bridge and shoots Max in the chest. 

The four of them break into a run towards the glass building. Tris sees Peter and Jeanine fleeing in an alley along with another "tall figure" (hint hint). Tris yells at Peter.

"You traitor," I say to Peter. "I knew it. I knew it."

A scream pierces the air. It is anguished and female.

"Sounds like your friends need you," Peter says with the flash of a smile-or bared teeth, I can't tell. He keeps his gun steady. "So you have a choice. you can let us go, and help them, or you can die trying to follow us."

I almost scream. We both know what I'm going to do." 

"I hope you die," I say. 

I back up into Tobias, who backs up with me, until we reach the end of the alley, and then turn and run.

(I hope Peter dies too, Tris. UGH!)

Chapter 22

Tris and Tobias return to find Shauna shot in the back. Lynn feels terrible for shooting at Max now. Tobias sends Uriah ahead of them to the Merciless Mart and carries Shauna back. 

Once they are back, Tobias accuses Tris of risking her life for no reason again and gives her an ultimatum:

I want to scream. But not because I'm angry, because I'm afraid he's right. ...

He touches his forehead to mine and closes his eyes. "I believe you're still in there," he says against my mouth. "Come back."

He kisses me lightly and I am too shocked to stop him.

Tris goes to see Tori next and tells her that they need to call a Dauntless meeting. Tori also tells Tris about her time as a spy and how Jeanine spends most of her days in her private lab, which is where Tori was when she was caught trying to kill Jeanine. 

A meeting is successfully called, and in it, Tris reveals the terms of Jack Kang's deal with the Erudite. They decide that if Kang is making deals with Erudite they can't stay at Candor. So, they decide to go home to Dauntless HQ, which causes shouts of assent. 

They also nominate new Dauntless leaders so that they can serve justice to Eric. Tori, Tris, a man named Harrison, and Four are nominated for three positions. But Tris refuses her nomination.

Tobias looks at me. I can't be popular with the Dauntless, because Tobias is right- I'm not Dauntless; I'm Divergent. I am whatever I choose to be. And I can't choose to be this. I have to stay separate from them.

"No," I say. ... "No you don't have to vote. I refuse my nomination." ...

And then, without argument and without ceremony, Tobias is elected to be a leader of Dauntless. And I am not. 

Chapter 23

Suddenly, Jack Kang announces the terms over the Candor speakers and the Dauntless storm to find Eric.

They start his interrogation with Tori asking Eric if he would like to list his crimes or if she should. 

He looks around and then asks Tris to list them. Tobias snaps at him to leave Tris out of it causing Eric to ask:

Eric smirks. "Oh wait, I forgot. Stiffs don't do that sort of thing. They just tie each other's shoes and cut each other's hair."

Tobias' expression does not change. I think I understand: Eric doesn't really care about me. But he know exactly where to hit Tobias, and how hard. And one of the places to hit Tobias the hardest is to hit me. 

Tris proceeds to list his crimes and when Eric asks her if he deserves to die, she quickly says yes.

The leaders decide that Eric is guilty and are going to execute him. Tobias gets three guns, puts a bullet in one and then mixes them up for the leaders to take. 

But, Eric asks for Tobias to be the one to shoot him.

"Why?" Tobias says.

"So you can live with the guilt," Eric replies. ...

"There won't be any guilt," says Tobias.

"Then you'll have no problem doing it." 

As Tobias prepares, Eric questions him about if it is Marcus that always shows up in his fear landscape. Tobias doesn't answer or even look at Eric.

Then Tobias holds out the gun and shoots.

Chapter 24

As the Dauntless leave the building, they meet Jack Kang who is furious that they killed Eric. When Tori tells him that they're leaving, he is even more terrified because he cannot meet two of the demands of Erudite. 

"Didn't you come here to find allies? If you do this, we will side with Erudite, I promise you, and you will never find an ally in us again, you-"

Cara warns Tris as they leave but the Dauntless continue on to their headquarters. 

When they're home, paintball guns and ammo are distributed so that they can cover the security camera lenses so Erudite cannot see them. Tris sees Zeke and talks to him about Shauna. He tells her that Shauna will probably be paralyzed from the waist down. Tris comforts him and gives him hope that she can make it in Dauntless and then they proceed to have a paintball fight.

Tris, Zeke, Marlene, Hector and many others start a paintball war and Tris has one of the greatest times she has had in a while. 

Chapter 25

That night Tris joins her friends for dinner, where Uriah and Marlene show some affection, upsetting Lynn. 

Lynn looks like she just tasted something sour. ...

"I am not an idiot, and neither is anyone else. So why don't you just make out with her and get it over with?"

Uriah looks stunned. Marlene, however, glares at Lynn, leans over, and kisses Uriah firmly on the mouth, her fingers sliding around his neck, under the collar of his shirt. I notice that all the peas have fallen off my fork, which was on its way to my mouth. 

Lynn grabs her tray and storms away from the table.

Oh, Lynn....

Shortly after, Tobias comes and asks Tris to come with him. He tells her that he needs her to read a situation for him because she is better at it than he is. 

As they walk to the train, Tris notices that Tobias went through his fear landscape. He says he wanted to see if his fears had changed, and they did. Marcus is still in there but in a different way. But Tris is also in there now.

"Instead of having to shoot that woman, like I used to, I have to watch you die. And there's nothing I can do to stop it."

His hands shake. I try to think of something helpful to say. I'm not going to die-but I don't know that. We live in a dangerous world, and I am not so attached to life that I will do anything to survive. I can't reassure him.

They get on the train and soon enough Edward and Evelyn join them. They briefly discuss what an alliance would look like and then Tobias agrees. They agree to meet in Abnegation in a week and then depart the train.

Tris is obviously frustrated that Tobias did not consult her and they have an argument over who to trust. Tris still thinks that they need to find out what Marcus is talking about, and Tobias is convinced he is lying about this information. Tris storms off of the train to find somewhere to sleep without giving Tobias a chance to catch up to her.

UGH! No more fighting please!

Chapter 26

Tris is woken up by an urgent Christina who rushes her to the roof of the Pire. 

Christina shows her Hector, Marlene, and another young girl on the edge of the roof under a simulation. Marlene begins to speak in a monotone voice:

"I have a message for the Divergent. This is not a negotiation. It is a warning. Every two days until one of you delivers yourself to Erudite headquarters, this will happen again."


Marlene steps back, and I throw myself forward, but not at her. Not at Marlene, who once let Uriah shoot a muffin off her head on a dare. Who gathered a stack of clothing for me to wear. Who always, always greeted me with a smile. No, not at Marlene.

As Marlene and the other Dauntless girl step off the edge of the roof, I dive at Hector. 

Tris grabs Hector and Christina saves the young girl. Tris is horrified. She sees the outline of Marlene's body below then walks away, screaming and tearing her clothes.

Chapter 27

In the morning, Tris is desperate to find some silence, so she goes into a hallway off the Pit only to be followed in by Christina. 

Christina tells her that she understands why Tris shot Will now that she has seen a simulation herself and that she is going to try to forgive her. 

Tris breaks down, and Christina hugs her and says,

"It's already done," she says. "That's what I meant to say. That the forgiving was already done."

That night, Tris goes to dinner and everyone in the cafeteria stares at her as she walks by. They know she is Divergent and has the power to end Jeanine's killings. 

Lynn comes up to her and thanks her for saving Hector even though she still loves Marlene. 

Tris joins Zeke and Uriah who inform her that Shauna found out Uriah is Divergent and does not want anything to do with him. Then Tobias comes up to her.

"I'm going to ask you not to make any decisions until we've talked about it." 

It's too late, I think. The decision's made. ...

"Tori and Harrison and I decided to increase security. Hopefully if everyone is more aware of these attacks, we will be able to stop them," Tobias says. "If it doesn't work, then we will think of another solution. End of discussion. But no one is going to do anything yet. Okay?"

He looks at me when he asks and raises his eyebrows.

"Okay," I say, not quite meeting his eyes.

After dinner, Tris goes to the last place she ever felt safe: Tobias' apartment.

Then Tobias comes in. He knows she was lying about not going to Erudite and tells her she can't just give up her life like a textbook Abnegation would. Tris can't believe him. She can save lives and doesn't see why he wouldn't let her do that.

Then he strides across the room and kisses her. 

They have a passionate scene of affection which is beautifully written. (Reread it if you haven't yet!) 

"Promise me," he whispers, "that you won't go. For me. Do this one thing for me."

Could I do that? Could I stay here, fix things with him, let someone else die in my place? Looking up at him, I believe for a moment that I could. And then I see Will. The crease between his eyebrows. The empty, simulation-bound eyes. The slumped body.

Do this one thing for me. Tobias's dark eyes plead with me. 

But if I don't go to Erudite, who will? Tobias? It's the kind of thing he would do.

I feel a stab of pain in my chest as I lie to him. "Okay."

"Promise," he says, frowning. 

The pain becomes an ache, spreads everywhere-all mixed together, guilt and terror and longing. "I promise."


And just like that, Tris betrays Tobias' trust again! Ugh! 

I hate all of the fighting that goes on between them in Insurgent! 

What do you all think about the fighting and the other events of these chapters? Discuss your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks again for joining us this week and I will see you next week for our next section which is Chapters 28 through 34!

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