Insurgent Read-Along: Chapters 35-40

This week we are discussing Chapters 35 to 40, our second to last section! Thanks for continuing to read along and let's get some good discussions going in the comments this week!

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Chapter 35

Tris awakes on her execution day, and Peter takes her from her cell. As they walk to the execution room, Tris hears shouts. Tobias is shouting that he wants to see her.

Peter allows Tris to go to the window in Tobias' cell window.

I reach up and press my palm to the glass. The shouts stop, and  his face appears behind the glass. His eyes are red; his face, blotchy. Handsome. He stares down at me for a few seconds and then presses his hand to the glass so it lines up with mine. I pretend I can feel the warmth of it through the window.

He leans his forehead against the door and squeezes his eyes shut.

I take my hand down and turn away before he can open his eyes. 

Peter and Tris continue to her execution room and they walk through an aisle of Dauntless traitors pounding their fists on the wall. Tris enters the room surrounded by Erudite and lies down on the table. 

Suddenly she is filled with a desire to live. She finally realized that she doesn't want to give up her life, but it's too late. 

Jeanine walks over and injects Tris with a purple serum. Then Peter speaks.

"The serum will go into effect in one minute," he says.

The words startle me, because that is exactly what Tobias said when he put me under my first simulation.

Suddenly Tris's body relaxes and she thinks death isn't so bad. Then she hears the heart monitor stop beeping.

Chapter 36

Tris knows she is supposed to be dead, but she can still feel herself breathing. Peter takes the body out by Jeanine's orders and begins to pick up his pace as he walks away. Then he picks Tris up.

"For someone so small...

"For someone so small, you're heavy Stiff."-Peter in insurgent ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

He knows I'm awake. He knows. 

Peter then unlocks Tobias's cell.

Peter takes Tris and Tobias takes the gun and they all make a break for it. Tobias shoots the Dauntless guards down and then Tris wakes up as they reach a trash incinerator.

"Tris," Tobias says...

There is too much I want to say. The first thing that comes out is, "Beatrice."

He laughs weakly.

"Beatrice," he amends, and touches his lips to mine. I curl my fingers into his shirt.

"Unless you want me to throw up all over you guys, you might want to save it for later."

They proceed to slide down the trash incinerator into a dark room with a door to the outside.

They exit the building and Tobias orders Peter to take the least logical route. Tris has the idea of hiding in a building for a while so the Erudite won't find them as they search.

While waiting, Tris is shocked.

I try to catch my breath and calm myself down, but it isn't easy. I was dead. I was dead, and then I wasn't, and why? Because of Peter? Peter?

Peter explains that he did it because he can't be in anyone's debt, especially a Stiff. Tris saved him from being shot at Amity and the idea that he owed her something made him sick. Tobias tells Peter that is not how the world works, but Peter won't accept it. 

They decide to wait in the building for a few hours and then go to the Abnegation sector. 

The three of them return to the Abnegation sector, and Tris is greeted by Uriah, Christina, and a few others. But Tobias protects her from them, saying she has been through a lot and needs some space.

They go to Marcus' house and Tris gets to see Tobias' room and his blue sculpture that he put on his dresser as an act of defiance. Then they go to the bathroom to clean Tris up.

Chapter 37

Tris gets up the next morning and soon finds Lynn, Christina, and Uriah in her room, trying to lighten the mood. 

Pansycake. I love Uriah. :)

The four of them go down to breakfast and everyone stares at Tris when she comes in, but eventually things settle down. Tris sees Evelyn talking to Peter in the corner. Tobias says she is trying to recruit Peter. Then Edward comes in and sees Peter.

Edward stops inches from Peter's feet, and then jerks toward him like he about to throw a punch. Peter jolts back so hard he slams his head into the wall. Edward grins, and all around us, the factionless laugh.

"Not so brave in broad daylight," Edward says. 

The two of them have a little scuffle in which Edward threatens Peter. Tobias reveals to Tris that Drew tried to join Edward in factionless after he failed initiation and Edward practically killed him. Myra left Edward because she couldn't handle his violence. 

Tobias also asks if she can handle being in an Abnegation house and Tris responds that the Erudite simulations helped her in a way. Then Tobias kisses her. 

"Whoa there Tobias,” says the man to my left. “Weren’t you raised a stiff? I thought the most you people did was … graze hands or something.” 

“Then how do you explain all the abnegation children?” Tobias raises his eyebrows.

“They’re brought into being by sheer force of will,” the woman on the arm of the chair interjects. “Didn’t you know that, Tobias?”

“No, I wasn’t aware,” He grins. “My apologies."

Tris begins to walk through the Abnegation sector that night when she sees Zeke pushing Shauna in her wheelchair.

Tris goes to the Abnegation headquarters and sits in there to think, when Marcus comes in, wanting to talk about the information that Jeanine now has.

Marcus won't tell her what the information is, but Tris tells him she knows it is about the Divergent and what is outside the fence. In response, Marcus says, 

"We are not from here, Beatrice. We were all placed here, for a specific purpose. A while ago, the Abnegation were forced to enlist the help of Erudite in order to achieve that purpose, but eventually everything went awry because of Jeanine. Because she doesn't want to do what we are supposed to do. She would rather resort to murder."

Placed here. 

Tris asks him what they have to do and she suddenly realizes how dire the situation is. The Factionless are going to destroy all the information the Erudite have, including the secret info. They have to stop them from doing that. 

Tris realizes that if she helps Marcus she will betray and lose Tobias. So she makes him give her a good reason to help him. 

He tells her that her mother was in Abnegation headquarters the day of the attack not to save Tris but to recover the information from Jeanine. Natalie was willing to die for this information. 

Tris realizes it must be serious if an Abnegation is willing to give up their life for a thing. The Abnegation will die for anyone, but they do not value many material things enough to die for them. So this thing must be pretty important. 

Chapter 38

Tris walks back to the Abnegation sector, debating whether she can trust Marcus or not.

And while he has done cruel, evil things, our society is not divided into "good" and "bad."

Marcus is not good or bad, but both.

Well, he is probably more bad than good.

But that doesn't mean he's lying.

Tris returns to find the Factionless and Dauntless gathered together. Tori and Evelyn lay out the battle plan, which will occur in three days. Those who were shot by transmitters at Candor will not be allowed to go, which includes Lynn.

Tris is uneasy about the plan to destroy all the information, and so is Christina.

Tris goes back to the Eaton house and talks to Tobias. He tells her that she is in his attack group, but she realizes she can't get the info if she works with him. So she lies. 

"I still can't fire a gun." I look up at him. "And after what happened in Erudite headquarters..." I clear my throat. "Risking my life doesn't seem so appealing anymore."

"Tris. You don't have to go... Stay here. Let yourself mend."

He kisses me, and I feel like I am crumbling again, beginning with the deepest parts of me. He thinks I will be here, but I will be working against him, working with the father he despises. This lie-this lie is the worst I have ever told. I will never be able to take it back.

Chapter 39

 Tris and Christina dress up as Amity girls to meet Marcus the night before the attack. 

By the time we leave, I have red lips and curled eyelashes, and I'm wearing a bright red dress. And there's a knife strapped to the inside of my knee. This all makes perfect sense.

As they leave, they meet Peter who reveals that he is also not participating in the attack because he's "injured."

The two girls meet Marcus behind Abnegation HQ and get in a car that Marcus got from the factionless.

At the fence, Dauntless guards stop them and question them about where they are going. Christina babbles about why they are going to Amity, just like an Amity girl would. The chatter drives the guard crazy and he lets them through, thanks to Christina's stroke of genius.

When they arrive at Amity, they tell Johanna what is happening in the city. They spend the night there so that they can get more information in the morning.

Tris wakes up early and goes for walk, during which she witnesses an Amity religious ceremony led by a gray-haired woman. 

"Come and join us," the gray-haired woman says. ...

"May the peace of God be with you," she says, her voice low, "even in the midst of  trouble."

"Why would it?" I say softly, so no one else can hear. "After all I've done..."

"It isn't about you," she says. "It is a gift. You cannot earn it, or it ceases to be a gift."

Then Tris runs away, crying. 

Later Johanna calls an emergency meeting of the Amity and tells them the tough situation of the city. While they discuss, Tris asks Cara, who is in hiding there, to help them after the meeting.

At the end, the Amity finally decide to remain uninvolved, but Johanna decides that she will resign as leader and go to the city with anyone else who wishes to help.

Chapter 40

Tris and Christina meet Cara along with the other Erudite fugitives and tell them their plan, which is flawed. They also meet Fernando here.

The Erudite help them refine their plan by telling them to use the data network that multiple computers can access. One little girl also tells them that they have lots of gadgets.

After this meeting, Tris realizes that not all Erudite are corrupted, despite what her father always told her. Some of them are kind, even after she killed one's brother.

Later, Christina, Tris, Cara, Fernando, Marcus, and others leave for the attack in trucks from Amity. While they ride in the trucks, Fernando reveals to Tris that he did in fact meet Caleb during initiation.

"Yes, there was a Caleb in my initiate class. Brilliant, but he was... what's the colloquial term for it? A suck-up." He smirks. ...

I stare over his left shoulder, at the skyline that gets clearer the closer we get to the city. I search for the two prongs at the top of the Hub, and when I find them, I feel better and worse at the same time- better,because the building is so familiar, and worse, because seeing the prongs mean that we are getting closer.

What was your favorite scene from this section, Initiates? I know which one made my heart hurt...

tris and tobias amity scene - Google Search

Discuss your favorite quotes, scenes, and characters below in the comments! I want to hear your opinions!

In the meantime, be reading our LAST section of Chapters 41-47 for next week. This section is where it all goes down so be ready to discuss!

Thanks again for following along and I'll see you next week!

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Comment by divergentismylife on March 8, 2015 at 7:06pm
When Tobias and Tris meet up, it is my favorite part. FourTris must live, but then again, Tris dies in the end. :(
Comment by Sam gh on March 9, 2015 at 4:43am

I loved these sections of insurgent

Comment by Soldier Everdeen on March 9, 2015 at 7:17am

This is the peak of Insurgent! Everything goes messy... and Fourtris!! Omg I cant! And thanks again! This chapter are helping me...Cant wait for the 19th!

Comment by Soldier Everdeen on March 16, 2015 at 7:48am

Cant wait to see the next chapters!!

Comment by Laine on March 16, 2015 at 3:29pm

They're on their way :D

Comment by Jack William on July 18, 2017 at 1:04pm

Veronica is a truly inspire best story I follow you because I need the updates of this book.People discuss about it on uk.bestessays review and mostly have positive reviews about this book.Now wait for next chapters.


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