Some authors write in a dystopian way with a corrupt world and showing a fight against the government to be brave. Veronica Roth wrote the books Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, and Four. Roth writing all came out in the twenty-first century, in the United States. She was  born on August 19,1988 in New York City, New York. Roth’s inspiration for writing these books are; Her deep interest in fears and phobias, Dealing with major anxiety and going through therapy, and her interest in groups and cliques in high school. Veronica Roth connects her experiences with major anxiety, study fears and phobias in college, and her interest in groups into her writings.

On Roth’s blog at, she states that she was always interested in different groups in politics, and cliques in high school. With this experience of being in high school at one point, and her interesting predilection with groups, inspired her to incorporate groups into her books. These “groups” are what she calls factions in her book. Each one has their own rules and regulations, all different but somehow the same. In her second book, Insurgent, she shows how group eventually disintegrate. Yet some groups come together and form a larger and more powerful, an Allegiant. Allegiant, Roth's newest book, shows a fight against what most people think is so called “right” and stand up for what the “Allegiant”  in a whole thinks is right. Roth other interest in government groups. She thought a lot about how each group had their own role in helping their society, just like the fractions in her books. When the fraction system broke, their city started fighting against their own people. Imagine if our fraction system/ government broke, we would have so much chaos and their would be an excessive amount of crime. Groups can be both boon and a disadvantage. Roth’s high school experience influenced her, yet so did her college years.

According to Roth’s blog at, in college Roth took a Psych class, and enjoyed studying phobias and fears. It triggered the thought of putting fear simulations in her writing. Showing each person’s fear and a way to fight it. Roth shows people's individuality, and how each person has their own different set of fears. In Roth’s book, Divergent, it show how each faction has its own simulation. If you're in dauntless, where most of the first book took place, then you went through the fear simulation. Basically you have to try to find a way to triumph you fears. In the fear simulation they are testing you to see how you will react to the simulation, if you will be aware or not. In her book Tobias, one of the character, goes to the fear landscape and tries over and over again to lose a fear yet he never does. Tobias fear always were the same in fear landscape but Tris had taught him how to overcome them in real life. Although studying fears and mental illness in college, Roth experienced some of her own.

Veronica Roth dealt with major anxiety thought her life and now attends therapy. Roth’s therapy made her write these book. Roth took all her struggles and poured them into her book. Roth’s books are her therapy.For that reason is why she made Tris. She wrote as if she was this character in her book, Divergent, she made her fearless yet fearful. Made with emotion and mourning, yet strong and powerful. She made Tris everything she wants to be, honest, brave, truthful, kind, and always happy.Tris symbolises an upcoming strength in Roth a hope for the future.  With the intensive help from Roth’s therapist, she has been able to be open with her issue and let people support her with her journey in overcoming her fear. This is why she has become a writer. When she writes she can put down what she is feeling and all problems and struggles.

Veronica Roth’s encounters with major anxiety, study fears and phobias in college, and her interest in groups influenced her dystopian way of writing. Finding information on what inspired Roth’s writing  was very difficult, because she is a new age writer and has not been discovered. She has only recently come out with her Divergent Book series and people are loving those books. Her writing are closely related to Suzanne Collins top selling series The Hunger Games.  Her website are very vague but her blog gives a lot of information and her books do too. When researching Roth, be very cautious for her fan pages, and non-reliable resources. Roth’s writings will soon become famous among the teen age group because kids can connect with the characters in the books. Other than a few minor difficulties when researching Roth she was very interesting and fun to research.

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