Divergent fans, 

With a little less than one month till the Insurgent movie, we need to make sure that it does well enough to warrant the 2-Part Allegiant movie and Four spin-off film. Divergent’s movie was successful enough, and although the series is in a fairly safe boat, we cannot get cocky and assume that Insurgent’s movie will necessarily be a success. I have personally learned the hard way more times than I care to admit to NEVER assume anything; I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have suffered through assuming things. 

As it stands, there are many factors that could lead to Insurgent not doing that well:

1) While Divergent’s movie was successful, it got fairly low critical reviews. If Insurgent gets around the same score or lower, then the series could be hindered. A lot of audiences including those that did read the books really liked it and gave it high scores, but there are quite a few who did not like it. 
2) 2) It opens a week after Cinderella (at least in North America). With Cinderella being a very popular Disney Princess, and it including a Frozen short film, there could be damage done to Insurgent’s success, particularly among the core female audience. As well, Chappie also opens two weeks before, which could take away the potential core dystopian audience. Furious 7 opens two weeks later and those movies are quite popular. Home also opens one week later, and it is a family and kids movie from DreamWorks, whose movies have always been doing fairly well.  
3) 3) Divergent’s movie was not a huge hit. Compared to its low budget, which I think Insurgent has the exact same total of, or perhaps a bit more, it did well, but it only grossing $280mil could mean that audiences did not like it THAT much. Then again, there are others like myself who did not see the first movie in theatres/have become new fans of the series, which is still very popular in book form. But even if there are book fans, unless they can accept the differences between book to film and look at the movie as its own thing, then the movies may not do that well. The first movie was pretty loyal to the book, and the second/onwards is promised to be just as much or possibly more as well, but will it be enough?  
4) 4) The Insurgent book and others in the series onwards do not seem to be as popular as Divergent’s, which is part of what made Narnia Prince Caspian’s movie not do so well. As well, some fans have actually told me that they think the Allegiant movies will suck if they do NOT change it because of the sad SPOILER that happens. But if the movies are never made, how will they know if it will be changed?   
 As well, it seems as though a lot of 2nd installments run the high risk of discontinuing series as of late. After all, look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Its series is now discontinued and we are getting ANOTHER Spider-Man reboot. 

5) Some may still look at Divergent as just a Hunger Games knock off, and with Mockingjay Part 1 having a slightly lower gross and critical praise than Catching Fire; it may mean that the dystopian future craze could be diminishing. 
 Now, while we do need people to go and see it, we cannot be harassing towards them. We need to let them know about it casually without making it seem like we are forcing them to. Try talking to people/making posts about the movie in the following ways within a casual and not excessive tone: 
- Express general excitement about the movie, and why you love the series so much. 
- - Express the differences between it and Hunger Games and what it has to offer; do not have an “it’s better” argument. A good tip is to express the themes of belonging and one’s identity that are strong, intimate and universal themes that all can relate to.
- - Show them Divergent (if possible, pay for it through On Demand services, or buy the movie on DVD/Blu Ray if you do not have it already or even buy a new copy and give it to friends as a gift). Perhaps offer to treat them to the Insurgent movie if possible. 
- Another thing to note too is that the Mocking Jay Part 1 Blu ray which comes out on March 6 contains a sneak peak of Insurgent. If you know any Hunger Games fans, please tell them about that/possibly buy the Blu ray for them 
- - Another good tip is, if it is possible, when going to the movie, do not buy anything other than the ticket and convince others to do so too. I know that it is a part of one’s movie going experience, but it seems like the excessive buying is what is making people so picky about going to see movies in general. If they have less to spend, then they will more likely go. 
- - Of course, try to see the movie as many times as you can, all in 3D if possible. If you or another do not like 3D, see it as early as possible to see the movie in non-3D, because the later the movie stays in theatres, the sooner it gets rid of the non-3D show times (at least at my theatres). 
- - Perhaps put together a slideshow, video etc. explaining to people why they should see it. Make it personal and relatable to them specifically i.e. if they are similar to a character or have gone through similar thematic elements/experiences etc.     
Remember, we cannot “make” people go see Insurgent, but we can “help” them. Try your own ideas too and see what works ☺ 

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