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The Factions

The Government:

50 Abnegation leaders as council members.

The 5 Factions:

The Dauntless

Appearance: Tattoos, piercings, black-clothed

Demeanor: Bold, daring, intense

Values: Courage, Bravery

Beliefs: Prove your bravery, protect, guard the fence that surrounds the city (from what we do not know), face your fears and push them away

The Abnegation

Appearance: Hides one’s beauty, gray clothes (gray robes, gray shirts, gray slacks), plain hairstyle (p.6), only adornment allowed is a watch, because it is practical p. 27

Demeanor: Reserved/unassuming, not drawing too much attention, lack of vanity, never self indulgent.

Values: Selflessness, protecting yourselves from vanity, greed, and envy, If you have little, and want for little, then you are all equal and envy no one. p. 29

Beliefs: Be selfless in every way.

The Candor

Appearance: Black suit with white tie is the standard uniform. p. 8

Demeanor: Honest, candid

Values: Honesty and sees the truth as black and white, so that is what they wear. p. 8

Beliefs: Tell the truth in every situation.

The Amity

Appearance: Dressed in yellow and red.

Demeanor: Peaceful, playful, kind

Values: Peacefulness, Kindness

Beliefs: Living in peace with one another, against aggression, kind, loving and free p. 42

The Erudite

Appearance: Must wear at least one blue article of clothing, which causes the body to release calming chemicals p. 348

Demeanor: Serious, focused

Values: Intelligence

Beliefs: “A calm mind is a clear mind.” p. 348, constantly pursuing knowledge, keep careful records. Knowledge is power.

The Factionless

Failure to complete initiation into whatever faction you choose, living in poverty, doing the work no one else wants to do (janitors, construction works, garbage collectors, make fabric, operate trains, drive buses). For their work, they get food and clothing, but not enough of either. p. 25

One living in poverty and discomfort. Divorced from society and separated from community with no purpose or reason to live.

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